Definitely worth the upgrade.

I’ve been on the iPhone bandwagon since day one. I’ve owned every iPhone and enjoyed the updates each year. I’ve enjoyed some updates more than others, but for the most part, each year you’re getting something special.

Photo_2 2This year Apple promised us that everything changes with the iPhone update. Their tagline for the project is even – “The only thing that has changed is everything.” The truth is, the hardware on the inside is really the biggest difference. On the outside, the iPhones look practically the same as its predecessor. The only structural differences are really the tougher screen and stronger aluminum body. The aluminum is a new 7000 grade series, which is the same material used to make the body of the Apple Watch Sport.

When taking my iPhone 6s Plus out of the box, I noticed the weight difference between the iPhone 6 Plus and the 6s Plus. It’s only 20 grams heavier, but I was able to notice it. The size difference is only 0.1mm greater in height, 0.2mm in depth, and 0.1mm in width. I wasn’t able to notice that since it would really take a micrometer to tell that sort of measurement. As you can see in the chart below, the size differences are so minuscule that you really shouldn’t be able to tell a difference – except from the weight.

One of our writers had been told cases for the iPhone 6 Plus would not work with his 6s Plus by a rep at Verizon, but I can tell you most cases have a slight give to them allowing for a phone with a screen protecter and you should not have any trouble using just about any case for the 6 Plus with the 6s. If it was based on weight, then there would have been a problem since the difference is much greater. As it turns out the weight is more than likely caused by the stronger materials used for the external body and the extra internals needed for the 3D Touch feature that I will discuss in just a moment.


I’ve heard the “S” cycle of the iPhone, or the ‘off’ year, is not the time to upgrade, but people forget that Touch ID came out on the 5s and that was a big deal. We are back at an S upgrade and Touch ID gets a new upgrade.

Photo_1 3The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus might look the same on the outside, but on the inside it’s a different phone. Let’s start with the Touch ID update. You can now tap, and I mean tap, the Touch ID reader and it will unlock your iPhone. It’s insane how much quicker it is then the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6/6 Plus. In addition to the Touch ID, the entire processor received an upgrade making even the most basic of actions blazing fast.

3D Touch is wonderful and I think it might be the first step into winging people off the iPhone’s home button. Apple is slowly teaching people to 3D Touch the side of the screen to have the same response as the home button so that when the home button finally goes away, they will already know the action. Having quick options to an app brings in a few seconds in time I’m saving each time I want to get to a particular spot inside an app. Not all apps are taking advantage of 3D Touch, but give it time and you will see app developers will jump on it quickly. Right now some great apps using it include Instagram, Scanner Pro, News 360, Dropbox, and several more that I don’t have room to mention.

Photo_3 2The new Live Wallpaper seems gimmicky to me because you need to Force Touch the screen for it to move, but maybe in the future it will move like Apple’s Dynamic Wallpaper.

The Hey Siri function is a much welcomed improvement. Because of the ‘always on’ Siri option, I think I’ve already used Siri more then I have in the past year. Being able to call out to my phone and ask a question without having to press the button makes it much more appealing to me.

Last of all, the updated cameras in the new iPhones are wonderful. Apple always has something they do to make the camera a bit better, but this time they knocked it out of the park. With 4K video, 12 Mega Pixel camera on the back and a 5 mega pixel came on the front – this gives you the the ability to take the best photos and videos ever on the iPhone.


Photo taken with iPhone 6s Plus – unedited

There are so many updates that Apple completed ‘under the hood’ to this release of the iPhone that I really won’t be doing it justice in one review. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to release updates and reviews on features of iOS 9 and the iPhone 6s models.

So, is this phone worth upgrading to? My answer is, “yes.” Always upgrade because you’re getting the newest and best model available. The iPhone 6s series are great devices and if you have the extra money or an available upgrade, then do it. If not, the 6 and 6 Plus are still amazing phones and work really well with the latest software upgrade from Apple. It’s an amazing new phone and the team at Apple should be proud of the work that went into fitting all of these features into the S model.


Photo taken with iPhone 6s Plus – unedited