My Top Apple Watch Apps

I’ve had a few days now to get into the new Apple Watch App Store and download some great apps to my new Apple Watch. In the few days I’ve been playing with it nonstop and I’ve found eight Apple Watch Apps that have become very useful and just fun.

These are not listed in any order I think they have their own purpose so with that said lets get to my favorite Apple Watch Apps.


Calcbot:I’ll start with one I used during lunch today and that’s Calcbot. I’ve always liked Calcbot for iOS and the great people at Tapbots created a very function mini-Calcbot for the Apple Watch.

While waiting for my food, I started playing with it and was a bit shocked on how much this little calculator app for a watch could do. What makes it great is its very appealing design and function. Once our check came, I tallied up how much it would be per person using the tip calculator and was surprised how quick and easy it was to use. It reminded me of being in second grade using an old calculator watch from Target, but this time with better design and no hard rubber buttons to press. Calcbot has other options besides the Tip Calc. It also has its Default Calculator and a Money Convertor.

You can get Calcbot for iOS and Apple Watch here. Calcbot.

IMG_1670 IMG_1669 IMG_1680 IMG_1678 IMG_1673


Weather Live: Before I loaded any apps to my Apple Watch I checked out the default ones. I was hoping for a great weather app because I imagined it would be nice to quickly swipe up on my Apple Watch to get a glance of what the weather was going to be. Unfortunately I was pretty disappointed with the stock Apple weather app. Some may find it to be just what they want but it seems odd to me and sort of clunky. This just meant I needed to go on a weather app hunt and I did. I downloaded every weather app I could find for the Apple Watch and they all have things that make them perfect for different people. The one I found to be just what I wanted was Weather Live. Made by the team at Apalon apps it has a very clean interface for the Apple Watch with three pages of information on the weather from the current weather to Chance of Precipitation and even the weather by hour view.

You can get Weather Live for iOS and Apple Watch here. Weather Live.

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Trivia Crack:I said some apps were just fun and here is one of them. With Trivia Crack, you can now be addicted to the spinning wheel of knowledge right from your wrist. Trivia Crack for the Apple Watch is a bit laggy when you tap the wheel to spin, but besides that, the game works extremely well. I’ve been playing a friend of mine and she does not know that I’m destroying her at the game from my Apple Watch. I mean, it’s got to feel a bit bad to find out that you have been beaten by someone playing via the Apple Watch. For some great quick fun from your wrist download Trivia Crack.

You can get Trivia Crack for iOS and Apple Watch here. Trivia Crack

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Hue: Home automation is a love of mine and I’ve been connecting IOT devices around my home trying to automate as many things as possible.

I’ve now installed 20 Philips Hue light bulbs and strips around my home. I love being able to pull my phone out and turn on any light in the house from anywhere  in the world with internet. What could make that experience any better? Controlling from a flick of the wrist seems like a great option.

With Apple Watch you can now do just that. I have my favorites setup so I can control each room from my wrist. For example, if I press the button for my Living Room, all the lights in that room come on. I can force touch and an option appears to turn them off. It’s limited by just allowing me to turn them on and off but to be honest that’s all I need when using my Hue lights from my Apple Watch.

You can get Hue for iOS and Apple Watch here. Hue

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Speaking of home automation, I love my first gadget that got me started with connecting my home and that’s the Nest thermostat. Nest development sort of started to slack off after being picked up by Google. What I mean by that is that Apple has widgets on the iPhone and Nest has an opportunity to create a great widget to allow for quicker temperature switching, but still has yet to add that feature. No worries because a third party app called Thessa stepped up It added the option to use the Today widget on the iPhone, iPad, Mac. and now the Apple Watch. It’s a wonderfully created Apple Watch app for turning up and down your Heat and Air. You can get Thessa for iOS and Apple Watch here. Thessa

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With my line of work, I depend on FedEx and UPS to drop off packages of products we review. Sometimes keeping track of the packages can be cumbersome. Well, until I picked up Deliveries for iOS and Mac. It’s allowed me to not only keep track of them, but to also know almost exactly when they will be dropped off. Having Deliveries for my Apple Watch is a nice add on to the wonderful iOS app. It does not have all the features but at least you can quickly swipe up to the glances view on the Apple Watch and you’ll see what ever package is being delivered next.You can get Deliveries for iOS and Apple Watch here. Deliveries

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Chronicle: Next on our list is Chronicle – the best app when it comes to tracking when your bills are due. I use it on the Mac, iOS and now Apple Watch. With the swipe of a finger I can now see what’s up on deck to pay. I like Chronicle and think because of it I’ve been able to keep so much better track of my bills.

You can get Chronicle for iOS and Apple Watch here. Chronicle


IMG_1691 IMG_1690


1Password: The first app always installed on new computers and iOS devices for my self has always been 1Password. Why? Because it’s the best way to keep accounts secure with different passwords. You might be wondering how 1Password for the Apple Watch can benefit you. At first I wondered the same thing. But I found a use. Most of the time when making calls I’m doing it via my iPhone and some times because of this I may need to look up some secure information stored in 1Password. I may be in an area that placing the rep on the other end of the phone on speaker phone would be rude to people in the same room. So putting my iPhone on speaker and pulling up the 1Password app might be out of the question. So, being able to stay on the phone and just raising my wrist swipe a few times and have my secure information right on my wrist to read off comes in very handy.

You can get 1Password for iOS and Apple Watch here. 1Password

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