My Ultimate Bucket List allows users to create bucket lists with ease.

The great guys at have created an app I’ve been wanting for a long time. Ever since I saw Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, I’ve wanted to write down things to complete in my life. Doing this on a piece of paper, keeping track of it and keeping it from being torn up never really worked for me. When the iPhone came out, I tried creating a list again this time using notepad.  This wasn’t a good option either. Now that the iTunes App Store has been out and billions of apps are available, I thought I would search again to see what I could find.

I specifically wanted an app that would work on both my iPhone and iPad. It had to sync with iCloud and it had to be very well designed. Finding apps that meet all of these options sometimes can be hard. I have tried lots of the Bucket List apps, but none of them kept a home on my devices. Then, I ran into My Ultimate Bucket List App.

When you first open My Ultimate Bucket List, you are presented with a the bucket list screen. There is a progress bar across the top of the screen that fills in when you complete items. As you complete items, you also earn medals. You are presented with with three default categories – career, personal and travel. You can edit the category name, delete it altogether or begin adding items to those categories. Once you create an item, like paying off your house, you enter an estimated completion date. I was impressed by how much detail you can include with the bucket list items. Besides item name and completion date, you can also write a description, enter a location (or allow location services to work with the app) and you can add media either from your gallery or from your camera.

As I mentioned, one of the the requirements I had for this type of app was synchronization between the iPhone and iPad through iCloud services. My Ultimate Bucket List does this with ease. The first thing to note is that you purchase one app and you get both versions. Secondly, the syncing between the two is set-up under the app’s settings menu and is literally a two-step process. First, you slide the “Use iCloud sync” to the “on” position. The app then prompts you to ‘move current data to iCloud’ or ‘don’t move data to iCloud.’ If you haven’t used one device, but you have the other, select ‘don’t move data to iCloud’ and you’re synced! I did notice that the app is only available in portrait mode. This is definitely not a deal breaker for me, but something that I wanted to note.

My Ultimate Bucket List is great. It meets all of my requirements and after downloading it, I noticed something that I wanted to find out about. So, I contacted the designers at My Projectglacier. They got back to me with an answer within the same day. Not only did they respond to my initial inquiry, but they also contacted me a few days later and wanted to hear how the app was working for me. Having them email me just to see how the app was working for me was amazing. It showed me that they really care about the users of their app.

Why do I like the design so much? Because its not too busy and it’s very easy to use. I recommend this app for anyone who wishes to start a bucket list of their own. It’s a great way to visualize your accomplishments.