MXO Pulse iOS App is good in concept, but weak in execution.

MXO Pulse iOS App ReviewI remember the dawn of Facebook. I was only about a year out of college and at the time, you could only sign-up if you had a college email address. Fortunately, I was able to sign-up because I still had my college email and I could join in the merriment of social networking. If you remember that time in the Internet’s history, MySpace was still the ‘place to be’ online. Now, Facebook is mainstream. Everyone can be apart of it and it’s not just a place for college students to congregate. I still like the idea of having a centralized place for collegiates to share events and messages that is exclusive to them. That’s where MXO Pulse comes in.

MXO Pulse is an iOS app that is designed to allow meet people with common interests, share photos, and spread news and events that are happening on their specific college campus. I like the thought behind this app, but think that the execution of it falls a bit short. First, let’s consider the description in the App Store and the app’s website. The description is not any more than the first sentence of this paragraph. It doesn’t give you any features or in-depth look at what the app is all about. Usually when I find this in the App Store, I turn to the app’s website for guidance, but found that MXP Pulse’s website isn’t any better. It’s a single page with the same copy from the App Store description. The app itself actually has more details than either the website of App Store description.

Now, let’s look at the actual app operations.

MXO Pulse iOS App ReviewWhen you first open the app you are asked to enter your email address, select a password, and college campus. The first time I downloaded the app and entered my personal credentials, the app malfunctioned and I wasn’t able to complete any of the normal activities. I contacted the developer and was provided a ‘test’ account so that I could try out the app’s functions properly. When I logged into the app after that, I was able to see Messages, Mix, Pulse, and Bulletin Board, but it was an odd experience since it was someone else’s account. About a week ago the developer released an update to the App Store that ended up fixing a bug that allowed me to log in with my own information. When I did, I found that because the app is so new, that no one on my designated college campus is currently using the app.

While I like the concept of this app, I just feel that it needs a bit more development to really work for social networking. It looks and feels pretty generic and the color scheme is a little off-putting to me. I would love to see the option for color customization per user in the future. For now, it’s just a strange app that doesn’t seem very stable.


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