Muzzy is a tiny iTunes companion for your menu bar.

iTunes has a nice mini-player built into the software. It shows the album artwork, give users control functions and even include a search function. But, because it still lives within the main software window, it can still hide behind other app windows. That’s why Muzzy is such a great app.


Muzzy is a tiny utility companion for iTunes. It lives in your menu bar and shows the current track’s album artwork, track title and running time when clicked on. While you can’t control iTunes completely, you can select different tracks within the same album as the current track. When your ready to jump back into iTunes you can simply do that from the bottom of the album list. (Image Right)

Sometimes I want to skip the slow intro of a song. Muzzy lets me do this by giving me the option to scan through the song simply by dragging the cursor across the album artwork. (Image Below)

Muzzy_ArtworkI really enjoy this app. It’s a great addition to my Mac and keeps me from searching out my iTunes mini player and interrupting my work flow. Muzzy provides track notifications under the menu bar icon that shows when a track changes within iTunes. muzzy-ss1



Did I mention that Muzzy also works with I’m more of a Pandora fan my self, with the ease of use of Muzzy, I might give a try.

Would I recommend this app? Yes! it’s great for anyone who listens to music through iTunes, especially while working. Muzzy could greatly improve your productivity by making your music just a click away. Installing Muzzy is quick and easy. Follow the link below, it’s free in the Mac app store.

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