Muzo Cobblestone Wireless Adapter, Make your speakers wireless.

It wasn’t so long ago that I found myself plugging my iPod and iPhone into a set of small computer speakers. There were wires everywhere and I was so happy when the transition into the world of wireless speakers began happening. Unfortunately, many quality speakers don’t give you the option of being wireless. For those products, there is this Muzo Cobblestone. This device makes any speakers you have capable of streaming music wirelessly.

The first impression I had of this device was that it looks like a rock. In fact, for a while I kept referring to it as the wireless stone. It essentially is just that. It looks just like a cobblestone that would be on your front walkway, and as such, it’s easily hidden.

Muzo Cobblestone Wireless Adapter Review

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first. I didn’t think that this one device could make any speaker set-up wireless. But, after I got it completely set-up, I quickly became a believer of Cobblestone.

Out of the box, you have a few choices for connection to speakers and the Cobblestone itself is powered by USB. It comes with a power adapter, but if you have a power strip that has a USB port, you can power it through that. Once you have it plugged into power, you simply plug in the speakers into the Cobblestone. The quick start guide is helpful, but with all the cables included, I have to admit that I got a little confused at first. To test the Cobblestone out, I found an older set of standard Cyber Audio computer speakers. These have one output for audio and it’s meant to be plugged into your computer’s headphone jack. To turn those speakers wireless, you simply plug that cable into the Cobblestone instead of your computer.

Muzo Cobblestone Wireless Adapter Review

Connecting to your WiFi network is also quite easy. You download the free app to your mobile phone and then walk through the steps provided. I believe the entire set-up – from box to connection – to me about 5 minutes. I was completely impressed by how easy this device was to set-up and how quickly it connected to our network. The app works seamlessly with iOS and makes it possible for you to stream your favorite music through several services that are connected to the app including – Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn, DLNA, iHeartRadio, and even Apple AirPlay.

Muzo Cobblestone Wireless Adapter Review

The Muzo Cobblestone Wireless Adapter is a great addition to any home theater/audio set-up. I really love how easy the Cobblestone is to use. I have tested out several different wireless speakers that are very difficult to use. This product just works. 

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