Sunglasses that are really smart.

With it being summertime, I can’t think of a better time to try out sunglasses that have surround-sound built into them. I love keeping music with me wherever I go and rarely don’t have some sort of music playing. So, the combination of sunglasses and surround-sound is quite literally music to my ears.

Mutrics Smart Audio Enabled Sunglasses REVIEW


Mutrics is a pair of sunglasses that features open-ear audio. Mutrics are designed to be fashion-forward, but functional in their utility. On one hand, you have stylish sunglasses and on the other, you have home theater quality surround-sound. The glasses allow you to enjoy music, answer voice calls, and use a voice assistant. The open-ear concept not only allows you to listen to music while walking but you can also remain aware of your surroundings. In addition to protecting you against the UV rays, the concave shape of the sunglasses looks great. One of the best features of the Mutrics glasses is that it allows for interchangeable lenses, which means users can swap out the included lenses for prescription ones if needed.

Mutrics Smart Audio Enabled Sunglasses REVIEW

Key features:

  • Open-ear design: aware of ambient noise while listening to music in a stealthy fashion
  • Premium eye protection: UV400 protection lenses block up to 99 to 100 percent of UV rays
  • Immersive audio with unmatched clarity: better avoid conventional poor sound quality and sound leakage with algorithmic bass enhancement
  • One-Click Smart Control: three buttons allow you to control everything
  • 8-hour playtime, 7-day battery life, IP55 sweat resistance, interchangeable lenses, 3 colors for option(Black/Orange/White)
Mutrics Smart Audio Enabled Sunglasses REVIEW


I have been needing something like these for a while. That’s why when my Dad came up to me asking to do this review, I was so excited and said, “Yes!” My first time wearing the Mutrics Sunglasses was an amazing experience. I wasn’t expecting for it to connect to my phone quicker than 20 seconds. The glasses are a little big on my face, which I don’t particularly care for. Overall, the audio has sounded really good, but every once in a while, the music starts to skip like a scratched up record.

Mutrics Smart Audio Enabled Sunglasses REVIEW

The Mutrics Sunglasses have surround-sound and that is quite a life changer if you’re looking to drown out noise and be in your own little world — like me on rainy days. The Mutrics sunglasses come with a magnetic USB charging cable and instructions.


There is a small sheet with easy-to-follow directions that tell you step by step how to get started. The sheet tells you how to accept calls and what the red and blue flashing lights mean. Those lights on the sunglasses are telling you when the Sunglasses are on or off. When answering a call, you have to press the circular button once and to end a call you have to press the circular button twice.

Mutrics Smart Audio Enabled Sunglasses REVIEW

The Sunglasses don’t feel like regular Sunglasses the don’t have the regular plastic around the lens. The Mutrics Sunglasses feel like leather to me. The case also feels and looks like leather. It is a triangular black case with a magnetic flap for opening and closing. It’s designed to keep the Mutrics Sunglasses safe and secure.

Mutrics Smart Audio Enabled Sunglasses REVIEW


The Mutrics Sunglasses work very well there are speakers on both arms and the controls are on the left side, although the surround-sound is awesome the people around you can hear the music your listening to. When wearing the sunglasses for a long period of time they started to feel a little heavy on my face, compared to regular sunglasses. Mutrics are available for $129.

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