Great sound from a durable speaker.

Music Box Studio Wireless Speaker 2I enjoy music in every facet of my life. So, I’m always on the hunt for a great set of speakers. I have tried various shapes and sizes – high end and low end – and I’m always left with a lingering disappointment about some aspect of the speakers, whether it be sound quality or just not loud enough for me. This is where the Music Box Studio Wireless Speaker comes in.

Music Box Studio Wireless Speaker 3

From the start, the packaging impressed me. It’s sounds crazy that I’m impressed by a box, but one of the first things that influence my purchases is how sturdy and visually appealing the packaging is. Right out of the box the look and the feel of the speaker is great. The speaker is deceptively heavy, which is a good thing considering that I’ll be setting it in crazy places and need it to stay put. The body of the whole speaker feels like a decent gauge of metal. I really wanted to try out the durability and stood on the speaker. No give or any sign that it wouldn’t stand up the everyday wear and tear that I will subject it to. The rubber bumpers on the top and bottom are a nice little touch, no need to worry about the speaker slipping.  The speaker isn’t obtrusive and blends into pretty much wherever I put it.

Music Box Studio Wireless Speaker 4

Pairing the speaker was easy, and unlike some other wireless speakers, it would pair with my phone even after powering off without any problems. I have a smaller house so testing the range was simple and I didn’t lose any signal as I walked to every room with my phone.  The power supply included with the speaker is a run of the mill power brick. Now the plug in the speaker for the power supply is hidden seamlessly by a rubber flap on the side of the speaker. In the same hidden space is a auxiliary port to plug in your media player. I tried it out just to make sure it worked, but to be honest, I don’t see many people using it.

Music Box Studio Wireless Speaker 5

The sound was quite surprising and powerful out of a small unit. While I didn’t expect much out of the Music Box Studio Wireless Speaker, I was mistaken. I played a wide variety of music styles and it managed to make every single one of them sound great. It does get a little scratchy on sound turned all the way up with high frequency music, but to most people it won’t really hinder their enjoyment. I will be packing the speaker on all of my trips or parties.