Pair your shiny new pacific blue iPhone 12 Pro max with an attractive leather wallet. Go minimalist and carry a Mujjo leather wallet.

When the iPhone 11 Pro Max was released, I quickly fell in love with the Midnight-Green iPhone color.  More than the traditional silver/gold/black, the phone color added a unique experience.  Unfortunately, most of the cases that I tested blocked the color entirely.  Except for a splash of color around the camera, the phone’s unique coloration was lost within the outer shell.  When the iPhone 12 Pro Max debuted, I knew that I needed the Pacific Blue color.   With my new phone in hand, I searched for case options that would favor the phone color without hiding it behind generically colored facades.

The Leather Wallet Case from MUJJO arrived in a 7 3/4 inches tall by 4 1/2 inches wide by 3/4 inches thick hanging style retail package.  Along the top left corner, you will find a silver triangular sticker labeled with “FOR IPHONE 12 6.7.”  You will find the somewhat generic “Leather Wallet Case” name written in silver shimmering font along the top of the panel.  Beneath the title, you will find a 5 inches tall by 2 7/8 inches wide raised, glossy, vibrant image of the Mujjo Wallet case.  Despite the shiny silvery font, the case’s image stole the spotlight.  I loved the contrast of the blue case against the matte grey backing.  Both of the black colored side panels provided a quite subdued MUJJO name, while the top panel provided a plastic hanging tab.  The black rear panel provided a multi-lingual description of the case and then listed three of its main features.  The packaging promised a super slim case, a premium wrapped vegetable tanned leather, a three-card folio-style pocket, the leather’s ability to create a unique patina, and raised leather bezels to protect the screen edges.  Along the bottom of the case, the company added two descriptive sentences, one each from Forbes and Cult of Mac.  Having tested several cases over the past few years, I did not feel that they added much to the overall presentation.  

I returned to the cover, lifted the front magnetic flap, and perused the panel’s inner surface.  Mujjo included a labeled front/oblique view of their case on the left flap and a paragraph about their Monaco Blue case/color on the right.  I loved the blue image against the grey background but struggled a bit to read the silvery font.  The labeled image detailed the high-quality full-grain vegetable-tanned leather and aging patina, leather-covered responsive buttons, Mute button, and camera cutouts, internal lined “luxurious” Japanese Microfiber, leather bezels, and a leather card pocket.  On the inner surface of the right flap, you will find more information about the leather and a few more reviews from PCMAG, Wirecutter, and 9TO5Mac.  Ordinarily, I would truly enjoy reading the reviews, but I did not feel that they added to the overall experience and could have been left out.  In fact, the entire left flap could have been left out to save weight/packaging costs. 


The 1.23-ounce, 6 7/16 inches tall by 3 3/16 inches wide by 7/16 inches thick case was easily removed from the black cardboard tray and immediately appreciated the look/feel/smell of the leather.  Starting with the back of the case, you will find a 1 3/16 inches wide by 1 5/16 inches tall camera cutout along the top left and a hand-stitched single card pocket along the back.  Instead of a simple stuck on appearance, Mujjo did a good job at incorporating the card slot into the case.  The trapezoidal card slot measured 3 1/2 inches wide by 2 1/4 inches tall on the low side and 1 1/4 inches tall on the high side.  Just above the high and low sides, you will find trapezoidal leather segments that contoured the case’s edges quite nicely.  Coupled with attractive stitching and MUJJO etched into the surface, the rear panel was quite sexy.  I found the card slot would accommodate my driver’s license and credit card but did not expand to a third card. The cards fit snuggly and without much wobble.  However, I worried that the leather would eventually expand until the cards fell out.  I would have preferred some method/strap/clip that would allow for card retention to ensure that the cards would not fall out.  Alas, I had no issues for the last two weeks that I carried this case. 

Looking to the sides of the case, you will find a leather-covered 7/16 inches long by 1/8 inches thick power button, a 3/8 inches wide by 1/4 inches tall volume toggle cutout, and dual 7/16 inches long by 1/8 inches tall volume buttons.  Along the lightning port/speakers, you will find a 1 7/8 inches wide base and 2 1/4 inches wide top by 1/4 inches tall trapezoidal cutout.  Each of the buttons was coated with the same leather as the back/bezels of the Mujjo case and were more responsive than they appeared.  The internal structure of the buttons was firm and paired nicely with the outer leather coating.  Unlike many silicone bumper style cases, these buttons were not mushy.  The volume toggle hole was a little small but on par with the class of cellphone case.  To install the iPhone 12 Pro Max slide the volume toggle side into the case and then click the top left edge of the phone into the case and then the bottom left edge into the case.  Once installed, the case did not seem to add much heft/girth but protected the phone more than I expected.  The leather edges extended slightly above the screen and provided a degree of glancing protection. 

With the iPhone 12 Pro Max cost, I need my case to do more than cover my phone.  The packaging did not have any drop rating and did not mention protection.  I felt that they wasted packing real estate with fluff product reviews from a variety of review sites.  Although appropriate online, these one-line reviews did not add to my confidence.  I loved the blue color of the Mujjo case and the texture of the outer leather, and the internal soft microfiber.  The credit card slot was okay over the last two weeks, but I fear that it will loosen with time and pose a risk for dropping the card.  If you listen with your right ear, the open credit card edge will face upward.  If you use the left ear, the edge will face the ground, and eventually the cards could fall out.  I did not find any significant negative features of the case.  The blue color paired perfectly with the pacific blue color of my new iPhone 12 Pro Max.  If the case was drop rated, I feel that it would be an amazing option for my day to day carry. Without it, I fear the attractive case would not fulfill my needs. 

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