Beautiful protection for the iPhone

My iPhone goes with me everywhere. It’s basically an extension of my hand. I never thought I would be in a position to carry the world’s information in the palm of my hand and be able to communicate with someone halfway across the world in the same device. I’ve been in love with the iPhone since it was released 10 years ago. My current iPhone — the iPhone XS — is probably my favorite version of the phone. And, as is the case with other iterations of the phone, I am continually in search of the perfect case for my phone. I’ve always liked the luxurious look of the leather cases and that’s why I was excited to try out the leather iPhone cases from MUJJO. 

MUJJO Leather iPhone Cases REVIEW


MUJJO has released two leather case styles — Full Leather Case and the Leather Wallet case. This review will actually cover both case styles as they are very similar in design. The Full Leather case features a slim profile and is fully wrapped with full-grain leather. It’s lined with satin-like microfiber and is designed to create a clean silhouette of the phone. The leather has 1mm higher than the glass to give you a raised bezel for screen protection. The leather is vegetable-tanned leather, which will gain a beautiful patina over time with regular use. The Wallet Case features the same design as the Full Leather case but has the addition of a pocket, which can carry 2-3 cards. 

MUJJO Leather iPhone Cases REVIEW


The cases have a very nice retail package. The cover of the box closes magnetically and the inner closure has a clear plastic window so you can view and actually touch the leather case inside. MUJJO includes a simple Certificate of Authenticity with the product and a diagram of the case’s main features on the inside cover of the box. It’s a very nice, but simply designed package for the premium leather cases. While the cases I received were for the XS model of the iPhone, both styles are also available for the other iPhone models including 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, XR, and XS Max. 

I’m sometimes not a fan of leather cases for the iPhone. They aren’t always the easiest type of case to install on an iPhone. These leather cases from MUJJO didn’t give me any issues in that area. I was able to slip them right onto my iPhone XS. The buttons on the phone — volume and side button — are completely covered by leather. The mute switch is open and the bottom of the case is left open instead of partially covered which makes it easier to use with charging docks and cables of various types. I have seen this be a design feature in a lot of cases recently and I prefer it over the cutout style bottom. 

MUJJO Leather iPhone Cases REVIEW

I’ve been using these two cases for a couple of weeks now. I started by using the Full Leather Case and then moved to the Wallet Case. I actually preferred the Full Leather case more than the Wallet style. It seemed as though the Full Leather case just fit a little bit better than the Wallet case. This was especially apparent when it came to pressing the buttons on the phone. The Full Leather case had a nice tactile feel to it. You could tell you were pressing the buttons, whereas the Wallet Case didn’t have as strong of a feel to it. I would frequently press both buttons when I only meant to press the side button. I doubt this is the case with all their cases in this style, but with this specific one I received, it was a bit of an annoyance because of how frequently it was happening. 

MUJJO Leather iPhone Cases REVIEW


While I absolutely love the rich blue color of these leather cases and ease of which you can snap the phone in place, I don’t like how the buttons feel through the case. The Full Leather Case wasn’t quite as bad as the Leather Wallet Case, but both cases had the same tactile feel to me when trying to use the volume or side buttons on the phone. The cases do seem to hold up well to daily wear though and the simple, elegant design is top-notch. I would still recommend these cases with the note that the buttons will not have the best ‘click’ feel to them. 

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