A premium leather case for a premium phone. 

This time of year the leaves start changing colors and falling from the trees. What we are left with is a giant pile of leaves that are great to pounce on. As a reviewer of technology, this time of year is also when iPhone cases seem to fall out of the sky in many different colors and styles. It can be really hard to determine what case might be best for you and your situation, but one thing I can say for certain is that there is a case for everyone. Just a few weeks ago, Apple announced the release of their newest iPhone lineup – the iPhone 12. Usually Apple also releases premium leather cases to match their new phones, but not this year. Fortunately, premium case designer Mujjo has updated their line-up to include the iPhone 12 family and you can find your leather cases in their capable hands. 


The Mujjo Full Leather Case for the iPhone 12 Pro is made with high-quality, full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather that is designed to age beautifully. Since its real leather, it will gain a rich patina that is unique to your use. This ensures that no two cases will ever be 100% alike. The case is lined with luxurious Japanese microfiber that has a satin-like finish. The camera opening and mute button feature a leather chamfer that curves inwards while the volume and power buttons are fully cover by the leather case. There is a leather bezel that raises 1mm above the edge of the screen. Mujjo maintains a slim profile with this case. The case is available in four colors: low-key black, signature tan, Monaco blue, and slate green. 


The case has a very nice retail package. There is a photo of the case covering a phone on the cover and the main details outlined on the back. Even though I love that the packaging is so informative, I would rather see less text on the back especially since the front flap unfolds to reveal more information and a written description of the color of the case. The box does have a magnetic closure that holds the two front flaps together. When you open it up, it’s like a double-door entrance for the case. The case is resting inside a cardboard cutout. 

The case is somewhat flexible and it smells like real leather. There is a notch cutout for the bottom of the phone. I actually prefer this design choice to cover the speakers and charging port. Leather cases are notorious for being difficult to install a phone into or removing it. Mujjo does such a good job with the design of their case that it’s a breeze to use with a phone – even if you have to remove it. I didn’t have any issues installing the case, either. The Full Leather Case has a very nice feel to it and it looks like luxury. The buttons have a nice tactile feel to them and I didn’t have any issues with button presses registering on the phone. The case provides a classic look to the exterior of the iPhone 12 Pro. It fits the phone really well and provides protection for it. 


If you are looking for a leather case for your new iPhone 12 Pro, I can recommend the Mujjo Full Leather Case. I reviewed this case for the iPhone XS and liked it, but found some areas for improvement. This time around, I haven’t found the same flaws like I did then. Mujjo makes a great case and it seems to keep improving over time. The case holds up well to daily use and is a great complement to the iPhone.

For more information, visit mujjo.com, Facebook and Twitter.