Senji launches feature-packed, top-performing smart noise-canceling headphones

Early in November, Senji launched Mu6, smart noise-canceling headphones with a variety of advanced features such as Hearing Optimization and a unique Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand. They are now available on Indiegogo for the early bird price starting at $129 USD.

“Mu6 has top performing hybrid active noise cancellation at a fraction of the price of large-name brands,” said Senji Co-founder Minming Gu. “We conducted in-depth audio lab tests and they showed Mu6’s ANC performed equivalent to or better than the top ANC headphones on the market including Bose QC35.”

Mu6 has dual microphones on the exterior and interior of each earcup to continuously pinpoint ambient noises. The special high-density memory foam material in the headphone cuffs block noise effectively from 2500 to 20000 Hz, a much broader range than most headphones.

When users want to be able to hear their surroundings, they can simply turn on Transparency Mode. This function enables users to hear background noise while wearing the headphones—perfect for ensuring safety and awareness of one’s surroundings while walking or biking.

In addition to Mu6’s high-performing noise cancellation, the headphones include several smart features aimed at increasing sound customization and convenience for the listeners.

For example, Mu6 is the first pair of headphones to include a Wireless Charging Stand that allows users to charge their headphones wire-free by adopting magnetic power contact.

Another primary feature is Hearing Optimization, which can be used to test the listener’s hearing capability on different frequencies. It then uses an algorithm to compensate for any hearing loss by matching it to the Mu6 Golden Curve. By doing so, users hear music customized to their ears. All this information is conveniently located in the Mu6 app.

Further customizing the music experience with Mu6, listeners can use the app to select their desired EQ, such as pop, rock, jazz, hi-fi, or original equalization settings. They can also create Mu6 includes a wireless charging stand their own custom EQ.

Mu6’s smart controls are intuitive and ensure convenient usage for listeners. When users need to have a quick conversation while they’re wearing the headphones, they can use Smart Touch and Talk. To do so, they simply cup the left side with their hand, which temporarily lowers the sound of their music and increases the volume of human voices.

Other smart features include Auto Pause and Play which pauses music when users remove their headphones. Unlike most competitors that use pressure sensors or 3D touch tech, Mu6 uses more accurate Infrared Distance Sensor, which makes fewer mistakes.

“When you’re commuting, traveling, or trying to concentrate, the ability to block out outside noise is priceless,” said Gu. “With Mu6, we wanted to offer the whole package: top performing noise cancellation, flexibility, customization, and smart features, without compromising sound quality.”

For more information, visit the Mu6 Indiegogo page.
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