X1 Wireless Headphones provide superior sound quality at an affordable price.

I really enjoy listening to music while I work. I listen to all types and really appreciate being able to hear all the highs and lows that a dynamic music piece will offer. Some headphones excel at giving this to a listener, while others fall flat. The problem is, sometimes you never know what you are going to get and you can’t always judge a pair of headphones on their cost. I had the opportunity to test out these colorful headphones from Mr. Pro – the X1 Wireless headphones.

Mr. Pro X1 Wireless Headphones Review 2

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from these headphones. Sometimes, the less expensive Bluetooth headphones do translate to less quality. When these headphones arrived, the packaging was what one would expect from bargain headphones you might find at a big box retailer. The on-the-ear headphones were neatly folded to show how transportable they are.

Upon taking them out of the box, I discovered that despite their looks, they were actually quite durable. The X1 Wireless headphones have decent padding around the headband and soft cushions around the ear pieces. They are adjustable at the ear pieces and have controls on the right ear. The striking turquoise blue color is vibrant and matches other accessories I have for my iPhone and Apple Watch beautifully.

Mr. Pro X1 Wireless Headphones Review 3

The first test any Bluetooth headphone has to pass with me is the connection test. How quickly will it connect to my iPhone and how easy is it to pair. I can happily state that the X1 headphones passed this test with flying colors. I will say though that some headphones it’s very obvious how to turn on pairing mode, but I did have to review the instructions to find out how to activate it on the X1s.

After the headphones were successfully paired, I tried on the headphones and turned on my favorite Pandora station. I expected hear raspy, hollow music playing through the earpieces, but was surprised to find they provided a wonderful, rich sound that rivaled my favorite pair of premium headphones. While I thought my ‘test’ would only be a few minutes at most, I was very impressed by what I heard and how comfortable the headphones were, so I kept them one throughout most of my workday.

Mr. Pro X1 Wireless Headphones Review 4

The X1 Wireless headphones were a welcome option for entertainment the day I tested them, and I have used them several times since. The only issue that I have with them is that the cushions while comfortable did cause my ears to get warm after extended, non-stop use. The product description states that they are sweat proof, but I’m actually not sure what type of material was used to make the covering of the ear cushions.

After using these headphones, I’ve decided to not pass judgement on a product until I’ve actually used it. While these seem to be the ‘bargain’ headphones, they are anything but. While these won’t replace my primary headphones, they will be a great option to travel with and to be a secondary pair for work.

Mr. Pro X1 Wireless Headphones Review 5