Very protective while looking stunning

Even though I’m not typically a case person, I found myself rethinking this philosophy when I invested in the iPhone X. The phone itself is strikingly beautiful, but it is somewhat fragile because of its glass covering. Don’t get me wrong — I know it’s strong glass, but glass can still break. So, I started looking into cases that would not only protect my phone but also enhance its natural beauty. That’s when I came across the Real Aramid Carbon Fibre Case from MOUS.


The Real Aramid Carbon Fibre Case is part of MOUS’s line of Limitless cases. It’s made MOUS’s AiroShock and a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate. The Limitless cases feature hidden magnets that will work with future accessories. The Limitless 2.0 cases are designed to be incredibly thin and only adds 2.3mm thickness to the iPhone. The case is built to be heavy-duty and can even withstand a 15ft drop. The case comes with a triple-layered high-quality screen protector made from a blend of TPU, PET, and Silicon. Perhaps the best detail of the MOUS case is that it uses real carbon fiber — not just a look alike.


Overall, my experience with the MOUS Real Aramid Carbon Fibre Case has been very good. It started with the packaging. I found it to be very well labeled and easy to open. The front of the packaging has the MOUS logo on it and it’s labeled according to which phone the case is for (they make cases for most modern mobile phones). I didn’t have too much trouble getting the case to slide onto my phone but did find it difficult to try and take it off even though instructions on how to remove the case from the phone are included. It’s still a somewhat rigid case and that automatically makes it more difficult to work with. I really like the feel of the case on the iPhone X. The phone does feel more secure in my hand and the only issue I really have is the weight. It’s not like the phone is weighed down, but it does feel heavier.

As for the screen protector, I didn’t have any issues getting it installed and found it to be quite responsive with the iPhone X. It is a plastic screen protector and not a glass one, but it still works well. MOUS includes a complete installation kit — cleaning wipes, scraper, etc. — so that you have the best possibility of a simple install. It’s actually great that they include this as an accessory because many companies do not include a screen protector — even when it’s supposed to be a ‘rugged’ style case.

MOUS Real Aramid Carbon Fibre Case for iPhone X REVIEW


I’ve actually become quite a fan of this case. Even though it does add a bit of weight to my phone, it doesn’t make the phone hard to handle or intrude with any of my daily activities. I love that I can still charge my phone wirelessly with the case on — a lot of protective cases do not allow for that. The only big issue I had with the case was that it is difficult to remove from the phone. At the time of posting this review, this case is currently priced at $54.99 from MOUS. It’s marked down from $99.99. Even with the exceptional design work that this case displays, I feel that this is just a little on the high side for cases of this style.  I think the MOUS Real Aramid Carbon Fibre Case is a suitable companion for any iPhone X.

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