Okay. I want to start by saying that I strive on being funny and making fun of things but on this next APP that I experienced I honestly can not! Holy crap this APP is Fucking Titties!!! MotionX you are my friend. I’m going to go ahead and do a short run down on just a few of the features…Start by tapping the GPS option. Going to the Search Wheel and WOW! Address feature. I can be in the woods miles from anything type in “Burger King” and have a trail set with the shortest route straight to it without in wanting to go to roads and highways so I can enjoy the only Fast Food joint that serves Vegetarians in the quickest amount of time..It just sets the shortest possible way from where you’re at and where you want to go. Yes I did test it in my car and it uses roads and highways so it’s just as good in civilian scenarios.Downloadable Map option makes it to where if you’re going to a Pre-Mapped area just Click Search and Download then you’re set!! Next…Waypoints. Obviously we all know what that is and when you mix it with the Recently Found option you can get to that stream you found the night before and start filtering your water in no time! Also..Range Bearing option. If you’re good with a compass and know what you’re doing (Like Me) you set your bearings and it gets you there within the FEET of accuracy wow! And there is still
MORE!! Coordinates which corresponds with the Range Bearing option. Find out where you are with this option, calculate then start walking.

I’m kind of old school with Hiking and still carry a printed Map with a Compass but with this APP you don’t need one unless you plan on spelunking in Dante’s Inferno! The Follow option is what it means. Pre-recorded trail and follow the exact path in the woods you took the night before or the one you walked on a year ago. And here’s the part that makes this APP so unique! Everything is real time satellite and while you are showing people where you’re at on Facebook with that option wow you can see where you’re at and select the Wikipedia option and see the history of that area and any significant spots around whether if it’s right next to you or 10 miles away all while you tap the Music Note Icon to listen to your iPod/iPhone music because you’re already in an awesome mood from buying this APP for a Well Worth $2.99 so you might as well throw some Radiohead into the mix to make it even better. I also want to add real quick for the Non-Nature bodies out there they even have one for your genres. It’s called MotionX GPS Drive for only $0.99!! Okay people I’ll be honest. Most of the time when I buy an APP I use it abuse it and refuse it by deleting it after it’s served it’s purpose and I write my review for this awesome site. But this one…..well this one is Staying on my iPhone! You will never get lost in the woods with this APP and end up in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with a dude that likes what your insides look like! You’re safe! I give this APP not even 2 thumbs up…From this review on the top APPS, because of this APP, I’m making a new Rating. I give this APP the Golden Mooncrikit Award! Which is the highest award so far (it’s like getting a gold star in Kindergarten but totally Roided out Mark Mcgwire style!) ! Download activate and be Blown Away with this Top Dog of Hiking GPS APPS!!!

Enjoy and Happy Hiking!!!

Written by Collin Nicholas Hodge, R.I.P my friend.