Extremely easy to apply tempered glass screen protector

Depending on your lifestyle, privacy may have a major importance to using your cell phone.  There are all kinds of features that secure devices but sometimes prying eyes cause issues while using your phone.  The MOTHCA iPhone 6/6s Plus privacy glass screen protector not only protects the screen from damage, but it also makes it harder for people around you to see what you have on your phone.

Unboxing the screen looks almost black and at first, I was questioning how this would look on my phone.  The glass screen protector came packaged with all the standard material for applying it to your iPhone 6/6s Plus.  Inside I also found some stickers that you use to prevent yourself from placing the screen on off-centered.  The glass itself is very thick and seems like it will hold up during minor drops.

Mothca iPhone Privacy Anti-Spy Tempered Glass REVIEW

Applying screen protectors, in my opinion, is a very tedious process.  That’s the time when every dust particle in my home seems to migrate towards the screen on my iPhone 6 Plus.  However, this time, the process went really well.  I pre-cleaned my screen with my device cleaner that I own just to make sure when I use the cleaning wipes provided that everything would be removed.  I ended up not using the guides because I don’t find centering the glass to be difficult, the hard part with applying is insuring there are no bubbles.  When I placed it down I did not have one air bubble to squeeze out.  I just put pressure to make sure the screen was nicely sealed.  I was really impressed at the ease of applying the screen protector.

Mothca iPhone Privacy Anti-Spy Tempered Glass REVIEW

The way the MOTHCA screen protectors works, it darkens the screen if you are looking at it either not vertically or straight on. If you are standing to the side of your phone you will notice the screen is a lot darker and depending on how close you are you can even lose all ability to see the screen.  This means if you were in a meeting and had your phone laying on the desk the people around you will not  be able to read your phone.  However, if you have someone sitting directly in front of you the screen does not change  from the vertical direction.  The screen protector itself darkens the phones screen so I had to adjust the brightness a little to be able to deal with the dimming effect.

This screen protector is very durable and easy to apply.  I would only recommend it to someone who would benefit from enhancing their privacy because it does make it harder so see your phone, especially when you are outside in the sun.