Water resistant and stylish zip case for 13 inch MacBook

Typically I don’t carry my 13 inch MacBook Pro with me on a daily basis, but when I do it’s nice to have something to store it in for protection.   Sometimes I take my Mac along with me to school and I’ve been in a hurry and just tossed it in my backpack and ran out the door.  I remember feeling extremely worried that I was going to damage it by forgetting it was in there, and it was raining so that was a concern.  The Mosiso 13 inch Laptop sleeve case would have been a great thing to have that day.  Also, it comes with a handy miniature version to carry my charger cable.

Mosiso 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case REVIEW

The case came in a plastic sealed bag with the miniature version tucked inside.  The color is very mature looking.  I’m not a huge fan of carrying around my accessories decked out in rainbow colors, so this case color is more my style.  I like the way the Neoprene feels and how it has a glide to it, making it easier to slide the case in and out of a backpack.  There are two metal zippers allowing closure from both directions.  I did not see any issues with stitching, and I’m pleased with the quality of this case.  The inside has padding but it seems to be the right amount to protect and not add excess bulk.

The case holds my 13 inch MacBook Pro perfectly.  There really isn’t extra space but the body of this does have stretch if you wanted to throw a USB flash drive inside.  I was even able to add my iPad 2 inside, but of course it distorts the look of the bag.  Nevertheless, if you needed to store it, you at least have the option to.  I was able to get my charging cable into the small case, but without the extension.  However, the extension was able to fit in the large case a long with MacBook, but I would just throw that into my backpack anyway.

Mosiso 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case REVIEW

I tested the water resistance of the fabric by pouring a little bit of water onto the case. I left the water on the case for 10 minutes and it did not soak through. I tilted it up and just let the water run off.  There was just small area that was damp on the outside. Within five minutes after removing the water it was dry.  I think this will hold up it’s protection claim even if you spilled an entire coffee on it. I’m very pleased with these two cases and I have peace of mind storing my MacBook Pro in them.