The Moshi Venturo is a sleek, stylish backpack.

As with everything I’ve reviewed from Moshi, this bag is pretty. It’s a slim cross body laptop backpack with brown leather accents and nice structure. The product I reviewed is in Bahama Blue, which I think lends a touch of class to the backpack’s modern, angular features (you can read more of my thoughts on the color here). There’s something about the diagonal slash zippered compartment on the front that makes the bag seem pretty edgy to me (especially in the black and orange color), but the classic navy/tan combo softens it up a bit while still keeping the integrity of the design.

Moshi Venturo Backpack REVIEW

This is the only product I’ve ever reviewed that my fiancé has asked to keep for himself. He’s been in the market for a new computer bag since he started school this year, and this is perfect for his needs. It has separate laptop and tablet pockets in the main compartment, along with plenty of room for notebooks, cords, chargers, pens, and all the essentials without being too bulky. He tends to travel light, so the slim profile and briefcase-like style of the bag really appealed to him. He also says it’s easy to run with if you’re in a hurry.

Moshi Venturo Backpack REVIEW

The Venturo is designed to be user-friendly. The exterior material is weather resistant so you don’t have to fear for the life of your tech if you get caught in the rain. As far as security, this bag has an interior RFID Shield pocket to protect your info and a back zippered pocket to keep your valuables as close to you as possible. The handles, strap, and back of the bag are Airmesh padded for support and comfort, and the back strap is easier to adjust than any backpack strap I’ve ever encountered. A small detail that I appreciate on this bag is that there’s a clip at the end of the adjustable strap to fasten to itself so the excess doesn’t just dangle down.

The way the pockets and zippers are positioned, you cannot access anything while the Venturo is on your back.
The design compensates for this, however, by making it extremely easy to swing the bag around to your front (with that user friendly adjustable strap). The side-loading zipper for the main compartment makes sure that nothing just falls out haphazardly in this configuration. The whole function of this bag is just clever, really.

Moshi Venturo Backpack REVIEW

A few hiccups: the crossbody style of the bag doesn’t really work for, let’s say, well-endowed women. Things get awkward. I love the backpack in theory and on other people, but I can’t really use it.  The expandable mesh pocket is on the bottom of the backpack, so it only really works for something like a water bottle if you carry the Venturo by the side handle like a briefcase.

Overall, Bahama Blue seems to be a hit with the fellas (both bags I’ve reviewed in this color have been taken from me). And the Venturo itself is great for guys.

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