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Even though I have just about every bag imaginable, I don’t tend to collect handbags the same way I collect laptop bags. I will use one purse, or handbag until it falls apart before switching to a new one. When it comes to handbags, I look at a few distinct categories – style, durability, size, and function. It is with these criteria that I will rate the Moshi Urbana Mini Slim Handbag.

Despite my predisposition to larger, laptop carrying cases, this mini handbag from Moshi really caught my eye. I’ve been carrying around the Urbana Briefcase for a few weeks now and this handbag is the perfect companion to it. It’s got the same form and features as the briefcase and just as much style. Urbana Mini Slim Handbag comes in four different vibrant colors – Metro Black, Sky Blue, Sakura Pink, and Tuscan Yellow. I was fortunate enough to be able to use the Tuscan Yellow. I typically wouldn’t go for that shade, but it’s such a gorgeous color that I now wouldn’t dream of having a different version. One of the other fantastic features is the vegan leather hand straps. One of the parts of a bag that I wear out faster than others is the handles. These are beautifully stiched and the deep brown color offsets the golden hue of the water-repellent fabric.

Moshi Urbana Mini Slim Handbag REVIEW

This category – more than others – is of vital importance to me. I carry my bags with me every single day. They go to and from work with me and my purses travel even more than that. They get tossed around and banged up pretty regularly. So, the strength and integrity of the materials used to make my handbags becomes an essential part of my selection process. Moshi really does a great job of constructing their bags. I’ve been lucky enough to test out a lot of their products and I feel perfectly secure with any of my devices being protected by any other theirs. The Urbana Mini Slim Handbag is made from ultra-lightweight, but durable materials. The adjustable and detectable shoulder strap has a customized metal buckle that not only adds style points but also speaks to the detail put into the design for durability-sake. The handbag is padded on the inside to make a nice, safe home for all your tablets, smartphones, and their accessories.

Moshi Urbana Mini Slim Handbag REVIEW

While it may seem like an awkward statement, the size of my handbags has to be just right. The Urbana Mini Slim Handbag fits that description to a ‘T’. There was a point in time where I would carry everything, but the kitchen sink in my purse. I try very hard not to do that now, in fact, sometimes, I have little more than my wallet. That being said, I find myself carrying my iPad with me more and more. It was for this purpose that the Urbana Mini Slim was designed. It has three zippered compartments for all your essentials including your tablet. The bag is large enough to accommodate accessories including a portable keyboard if you so choose. Moshi got the size just right with this handbag because it’s not so large that you end up cramming too much into it. It’s the ideal size for grabbing your tablet and being on the go.

Moshi Urbana Mini Slim Handbag REVIEW

This handbag was designed with style and function in mind. It’s got a gorgeous look to it and the function matches it. It’s easy to carry and provides many different options for storage of your essentials. As much as I like the Urbana Briefcase, this handbag is actually more versatile for most people’s uses.

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