Urbana mini is a versatile, stylish tech bag.

The Moshi Urbana Mini isn’t really “mini” in any aspect besides being the smaller version of the Urbana. So don’t let the name trick you into thinking this bag won’t hold everything you need. It will. There are four zippered compartments: one main, a smaller RFID shield pocket in the main compartment, and two flat pockets on the front and back. In lieu of a tablet, as I don’t regularly use one, I carried around a bunch of books for the majority of my time with the Mini thus far (I fleetingly used it to transport a Surface Pro 4 with its attached keyboard from one level of my house to another). It can hold a 400-page paperback, a paperback novella, a Moleskine journal, and a reporter notebook along with all my usual essentials (keys, several lip glosses, wallet, phone, checkbook, etc) easily.

Moshi Urbana Mini in Coral Pink REVIEW

Most tech bags aren’t pretty. There. I said it. Now, the Urbana Mini is undoubtedly a tech bag, but it is that in the way that people actually use tech: casually and in conjunction with everything else in life. Sure, it has the padded pockets for your tablet and phone and room for all your tech accessories, but these are in addition to other spaces useful for everyday necessities, not the entirety of the bag. You can tell that this bag isn’t just for lugging around your tablet. It’s versatile. It’s a tech bag that doesn’t favor function over style. It’s a purse with extras. It fits both professional and casual environments.

If you feel like you’re getting some deja vu, it may be because MacSources reviewed another Urbana Mini last summer. But with the new Spring/Summer 2017 collection and colors, Moshi couldn’t resist getting our thoughts on the sexy updates to their tried and true Urbana collection. So let’s talk color.

The Mini I received for review is Coral Pink, a gorgeous color for the Spring/Summer season. I’d describe it as a bit more muted than what I think of as a true coral. Maybe more of a salmon? Whatever you call it, it’s fun and dressed up with classic brown leather accents. It hits that sweet spot where it is not neutral enough to add a pop but not so bold as to make it difficult to coordinate. I think it’s the best color for the Urbana line thus far. I also loved the Sky Blue, but there’s something about the Coral Pink that brings out the warmth in the brown accents and the contrast in the silver hardware.

Moshi Urbana Mini in Coral Pink REVIEW

The exterior isn’t just a pretty face; it is durable and functional as well. It’s weather resistant to protect your tech (and the integrity of the bag itself). The shoulder strap is skinny, which I like, and subtly padded, which I also like. It’s a nice touch since the Urbana Mini is designed to carry a heavier load than the average handbag/shoulder bag/crossbody.

If I could change one little thing about this product, it would be to change the magnetic snap that holds the end of the zipper to the main compartment. The magnets aren’t quite strong enough to keep it together, and it sticks out more often than not. This is by no means a deal breaker.

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