A remarkable case for a remarkable phone.

A couple of weeks ago, I, along with many others, upgraded to the iPhone Xs. My previous phone was an iPhone 7, which I plan on trading into Apple for some Apple Store credit. I wouldn’t be able to do that if the phone weren’t in pristine condition and it wouldn’t be in impeccable condition if I hadn’t kept my phone in a case. I’ve always kept my phone in a case ever since I dropped my original iPhone on a tile floor in a mall. It ruined the phone but encouraged me to always protect my phones. So, when I got my new phone, I immediately looked for a new case that would be a good all-around protection option for the iPhone Xs. That’s when I found the StealthCover Portfolio Case for iPhone XS/X from Moshi.


The StealthCover Portfolio Case is designed to protect your iPhone from drops, scratches, and shocks. It’s made from quality materials that resist abrasion, heat, and bending. The cover of the case is translucent so it is compatible with facial recognition and e-payments. The case, while protective, is also wireless charging compatible. You get 360-degree military-grade protection (MIL-STD0810G, SGS-certified) and the style of the case has an opalescent finish to mimic the glass look and feel of the iPhone.

Moshi StealthCover Portfolio Case for iPhone XS/X REVIEW


  • Weight: 2.01 oz
  • Dimensions: 5.83″ x 3.11″ x 0.47” inches
  • Colors: Gunmetal Gray, Champagne Pink
  • Compatibility: iPhone X, iPhone Xs


When I first started looking at cases for my new iPhone Xs, I was a little discouraged because I also wanted something that would protect the screen. Fortunately, I had a plastic screen protector that I installed within the first 24 hours of owning the phone. Unfortunately, that screen protector got a dent in it from a set of keys after I carried it around in my purse for just a few hours. I panicked. I really thought that the screen protector had been punctured and that the screen my brand new phone now had a scratch on it — or even worse, a crack. The screen protector actually did its job though and absorbed the impact. So the screen of the phones was still flawless, but I knew at that moment, I needed something more substantial to protect my iPhone. That’s why I LOVE the design of the Moshi case. It has the magnetic-locking cover that is partially see-through so that I don’t always have to open it to review what’s been happening communication-wise.

Moshi StealthCover Portfolio Case for iPhone XS/X REVIEW

Installation of the case is very simple. The case is semi-rigid but pliable enough to maneuver around the frame of the phone. The bottom of the case where the Lightning port and speaker openings are is a little more flexible than the rest of the case, but not so flimsy that it will break or crack if the phone is removed from the case. The spine between the cover and the case body is made from what appears to be leather. It’s durable but flexible enough to use the case fluidly. The spine also makes it easy to use the volume buttons or flip the mute switch on the side of the phone. On the opposite side of the case, I was also able to control the Siri button with no issues. The only thing that I would love to see was the ability to hold the case open magnetically when you flip the cover around to the back.

Moshi StealthCover Portfolio Case for iPhone XS/X REVIEW


The Moshi StealthCover Portfolio Case for iPhone XS/X is a really nice compliment to the design of the iPhone Xs. It’s protective and has a sleek design. I’ve admired Moshi and its products for a long time. They’ve never disappointed me and the StealthCover is a great example of their genius design work. I can recommend this for all types of users.

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