Moshi cases provide superior protection and added style for the iPhone.

In the past year, I’ve really come to appreciate iPhone cases that have style as well as function. At first, I really just wanted a case to protect my phone and then I realized that I can have both when I was introduced to Moshi. Moshi creates extraordinary products for enhancing the mobile lifestyle and I’ve really become a big fan of their designs. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 7 from an iPhone 6 and one of the things I like the most about it is its style. I have the Black version and think that it looks sleek and refined. When I was looking at cases for it I wanted something that would protect it, but also match its style. So, I turned to Moshi. They recently released some gorgeous new designs of their most popular case styles. I had the opportunity to test out their Snap-On style cases including the Armour, Napa, and iGlaze.


When I first pulled the Armour out of its box, I thought it would just be another metal-feel snap-on case. What I found was that the Armour is the perfect compliment for the iPhone 7 in Black. While it comes in four different colors, I had the Onyx Black version, which matches the Black iPhone to a tee. It is actually like having the iPhone naked, but you know it’s protected. The Armour case is a diamond-cut aluminum backplate with a metallic finish and offers military-grade drop protection. The buttons are fully encased, but they are still very easy to use. The case does have a slightly raised bezel so that the display is protected when the phone is placed face-down. I love the feel of the Armour and it’s absolutely gorgeous. If you want a case that blends perfectly with your iPhone and its natural color, I would look no further than the Armour.

Moshi Snap-on iPhone Cases REVIEW


This case reminds me of the ‘executive level’ case. It’s tailored specifically for the iPhone and offers the same military-grade drop protection as the Armour, but adds premium vegan leather as the main covering to the case. Napa feels good when you hold it. The leather backing has a nice, soft texture to it and it seems to have pretty good traction while it’s in your hand. Unlike the Armour case, the Napa comes in three colors that do not match the iPhone’s natural color. I actually had the opportunity to try out the Napa for the iPhone 6, too. It’s a fantastic case that really adds to the magnificent design of the iPhone 7.

Moshi Snap-on iPhone Cases REVIEW


Finally, I had the opportunity to take a look at the iGlaze for the iPhone 7 Plus. My fiancé has the larger iPhone model so I tested it out with his phone. It fits the phone very well and doesn’t add a lot of bulk. The iGlaze also offers four color choices, but they range from black to Powder Blue color, which is very, very pale. Again, Moshi has incorporated the military-grade drop protection and the iGlaze has a special coating to prevent the color from fading. This case also has a raised bezel for screen protection. I like this case for style, but feel like it’s a bit too slick for those who pull their phone in and out of their pockets a lot. It’s a lovely case and I think that it offers good protection for the phone.

Moshi Snap-on iPhone Cases REVIEW

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