SenseCover steps up the folio game while remaining protective and stylish

When choosing a phone case I gravitate toward cases that I would describe as slim, protective, and stylish.  I also have become quite the fan of folio cases.  The Moshi SenseCover fits into all of the descriptors I just used.  However, this isn’t the type of folio case like Moshi’s Overture case that allowed me to leave my leather wristlet wallet at home.  The SenseCover has the ability to let you answer phone calls and view the date, time and who is calling you without having lift the cover to look inside.


Snapping the iPhone 7 Plus into the SenseCover takes no effort at all since the case is all one piece.  The charcoal black cover compliments the rose gold color of my phone but would look great with any of the iPhone colors. It has a chic industrial vibe that demands attention, but without the added weight that typically brings.  On the front is the scratch resistant window allowing a peek at what’s on your phone and the metal strip that allows you to swipe to answer a call.  The inside is lined with a soft microfiber material.


I just took a call using the front of the folio swipe pad and it worked flawlessly.  I would also recommend installing a screen protector because the front that contains the metal piece has movement and could potentially give your iPhone a micro-scratch.  The SenseCase is very slim when closed and when opened sits pretty flat for one handed use.  There is a magnetic clip that helps to keep the case closed.

Now I think a big misconception with this type of product is to want to open your phone with it.  You would need to not have a passcode set on your phone in order for that to work and the idea behind the SenseCover is to use it on the go for easy access when taking a phone call.  If you want to use the full features of your phone, it would be better to open the case up.


Overall the Moshi SenseCase is very nice and has a great design and look to it.  It will be protective and functional.  I feel anyone would enjoy this case but I think style savvy on the go people will get the most benefit from it.

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