Moshi protective accessory collection – a perfect compliment to the new MacBook Pro.

When computers are your way of life, you work to make sure you have the very best. Apple has been my brand of choice for many, many years now and when the new MacBook Pro was announced just a few months ago, I made sure to secure one. When you pay a premium price for an exclusive product like the MacBook Pro with TouchBar, you make sure that device is protected with premium products. Moshi, a company that I’ve come to both admire and trust, has a wonderful line of protective products for both mobile and computing products alike. Today, I’m happy to discuss three of them — ClearGuard, iVisor Pro, and iGlaze Pro.

If you are anything like me, you try to keep your keyboard as clean as possible. This not only helps the health of your computer but also your own health as keyboards can trap and distribute germs like nothing else. I’ve never been one to cover my natural keyboard but wanted to keep the new butterfly keyboard in the best shape possible so I thought I’d add ClearGuard to see if it makes a difference. The film is transparent and practically invisible. It’s made with durable engineering-grade thermoplastic urethane and is 100% washable and reusable. The film is only 0.1mm thick to ensure that you have the maximum tactile response possible.

Moshi ClearGuard

I can’t tell you how impressed I was with this product. The film lays completely flat on the keys and it feels soft on the fingers. It didn’t effect the click of the butterfly mechanism beneath. The design is lovely and it makes installation very easy. I would recommend using a microfiber cloth and/or air duster to remove excess dust and dirt before applying the film so that it doesn’t work its way into the keyboard. You will see from the photo above that there are two blue strips included in the picture. This is the adhesive film that bonds to your laptop so the cover doesn’t move around. We left it on the film for this photo to show where it was because you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see where the film is.

Moshi ClearGuard

One thing I really like about this design is that Moshi left a small cutout on the right side of the keyboard for the fingerprint scanner. Other than that, the keyboard is completely covered.

iVisor Pro
Last year, we had the chance here at MacSources to review the iVisor for the iPad Pro and we were very impressed with it. Both the iVisor and the iGlaze case (see below) are made to help protect your computer without making it bulky or ugly. The iVisor is an adhesive screen protector that adheres right to the screen of your computer. It’s 100% bubble-free and can be washed and reused as much as needed. iVisor is made using a multi-layer process that helps to reduce eye-strain and screen glare.

Moshi iVisor Pro

iVisor is shipped with a simple microfiber cleaning cloth for maintenance and initial cleaning before installation. The instructions are printed on the backside of the packaging the iVisor ships in. It’s pretty easy to follow if you have ever installed a screen protector on a smartphone. The process is very similar. You clean the screen, then line up the film. There is a backside protector which comes off first. It’s suggested that you line up the film with the top of the screen and work your way downward to eliminate any air bubbles that might be trapped beneath the surface. Once the protector is installed you shouldn’t have any issues with screen scratches or smudges. I am very happy without easily the protector installed and how smooth it looks.

iGlaze Pro
I’ve never been one to have a hard shell case on my laptop, but given that I wanted to add a layer of protection to my brand new laptop, I took a chance that it wouldn’t hinder my style too much. The iGlaze Pro is a designed to be minimal. Moshi likes to work with Apple style — not against it. So the iGlaze Pro is slim-fitting and precision-tooled to be lightweight. The surface of the iGlaze is treated with a special scratch-resistant coating. The case comes in two pieces — top and bottom — and utilizes a micro-clip design so that you can pop it into place and take it off just as easily.

Moshi iGlaze Pro

The iGlaze Pro comes in a simple Moshi-branded package. There are no complicated tools or instructions that come along with the two-piece case, but an installation guide is printed inside the back cover of the packaging. Even though it’s not included in the instructions, I would recommend wiping your computer down with Whoosh! or at least a microfiber cloth. You don’t want unnecessary dust or dirt trapped in the case when you complete the installation.

Moshi iGlaze Pro

The case itself is very similar to other hard shell cases I’ve seen with the exception of its incredibly slim profile. It only weighs 260 grams, which is not much more than an iPhone 7 Plus. In my experience, even when a case is ‘lightweight’ it tends to make the laptop feel exponentially heavier when it’s installed. The same is, unfortunately, true with the iGlaze Pro. Once I had the case on the laptop, it seemed to add quite a bit of weight. That said, it looks great. The clear case lets the natural color of the laptop shine through.

Moshi iGlaze Pro

Whether you have a brand new laptop or one that’s a few years old, protection is key for a longevity of your device. Moshi has some wonderful accessories that will ensure your computer remains in pristine condition. The ClearGuard, iVisor Pro, and iGlaze Pro are three great products that are easy to install and they increase the longevity of your devices.

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