MOSHI Overture iPhone 7 Plus Case is a very stylish and functional accessory case

This is the moment I have been waiting for.  Since opening the box that was dropped off at my doorstep on launch day, I have been wanting the perfect folio case that fits my needs. Folio cases can be hit or miss, but the Moshi Overture case is a definite hit.

When I first laid my eyes on the Overture case on Moshi’s Twitter (@moshi_life) I knew that I wanted it on my iPhone 7 Plus.  I’m excited to say, it looks as great as the pictures do on my own phone.  The black vegan leather is very classic looking and stylish.  The inside of the case is made with a Terahedron microfiber that isn’t super thick which helps allow the case to fold over nicely without any resistance. The inside has a wallet side and a side that holds the iPhone 7 Plus.  With four slots for cards and two inner pockets, it provides plenty of space to be able to carry essentials.  As an added bonus there’s a screen cleaning pad that is detachable and wipes away dirt and fingerprints.  It’s washable so you don’t have to dispose of it and can reuse it.

MOSHI Overture iPhone 7 Plus Case REVIEW

As far as protection goes, folio cases have the advantage of protecting from scratches without taking away from the design of the phone.  I prefer my finger touching the screen of my phone and not using screen protectors.  I’ve had glass ones that gave the realistic feel but would crack, and the film ones alter the visual aspects.  The hardshell frame could hold up as a case on its own.  I like that the audio switch is still very accessible and not set back in the excess case, making it harder to turn on and off.  The hardshell is military drop tested so it is build to take a hit without harm.  The outer portion of the case allows you to put it in a bag and helps to prevent micro scratches.

The case in itself is a fashion accessory.  I carry bags and wristlets that have similar smooth leather and this correlates with my style.  I think the design is very professional and mature looking.  The quality of the case meets my expectations because Moshi constantly brings out high-quality product.

MOSHI Overture iPhone 7 Plus Case REVIEW

Functionally the case fits my needs and even makes things a little easier on me.  I work in a hospital and I like to keep my debit card with me.  I’ve dropped my card and had to retrace my steps because I would pull something out of my scrub pocket and the debit card would come with as well.   This helps me secure the debit card and cash that I keep on me safe and I don’t have to worry about that happening.

MOSHI Overture iPhone 7 Plus Case REVIEW

The Overture is a high-quality folio case and I would recommend this one to anyone.  The design was very well thought out and it serves more purpose than just holding a phone.

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