Moshi Muse 13 iPad Pro Case is a great companion for the iPad Pro.

One of my favorite new products from Apple is the iPad Pro. Some people are still against the massive tablet, but I really like the device and feel that it has place in the iPad family. But, just like any other iOS device, I want to protect it. With my iPhones, I usually keep them in a case. It might be a slim profile, but it’s protective and keeps scratches from ruining the finish. With my iPad Air 2, I typically keep in in a keyboard case because I like to do work on it. The iPad Pro I actually like leaving out of a case. Because of its size, I’ve found that what would amount to a regular case for an iPad Pro tends to weigh it down and just make it feel unwieldy. Fortunately for me, there is the Moshi Muse 13 case.

Moshi Muse 13 iPad Pro Case Review

Muse 13 is a slim fit carrying case especially designed for the iPad Pro. It will also fit a MacBook Pro 13″ or a MacBook Air 13″, but for the purposes of this review, I will concentrate on the iPad Pro compatibility. The outside of the sleeve is a wear-resistant surface and while it’s not specified what that material is exactly, it feels like some deriviative of leather. The instructions that come along with the sleeve state that commercial leather cleaners will take care of any dirty spots on the case. The Muse 13 is zipper-less and velcro-free, a design feature that helps protect your devices from scratches. The pockets are covered with Terahedron™ microfiber, which helps to remove finger prints and creates a soft resting spot for your devices.

Moshi Muse 13 iPad Pro Case Review

Before I get into my experience with testing Muse 13, I want to note that when I first saw it, I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. I’ve never had an iPad case that didn’t have a firm closure. Plus, I thought that it would be nearly impossible for the iPad Pro and any accessories to fit in it as suggested by the packaging. I’m happy to report that I was wrong and have really enjoyed using this product.

When I was testing out the sleeve, I decided to be a little non-traditional and instead of just carrying around the iPad Pro, I also slipped the iPad Air 2 into the outer sleeve. Now, while the outer pocket is really intended for accessories – namely charging cables – I thought that it looked like the perfect size for a second iPad. So, I tried it out and it slid right in – even with the iPad Pro already in the main pocket. Both devices were securely in place and because each pocket is lined with the microfiber, they were well protected. I carried the sleeve – complete with both iPads – to and from work for several days and found Muse 13 to be a very nice travel companion. It fit nicely into my tote bag and laptop bag, and was even comfortable to carry outside of a bag.

Moshi Muse 13 iPad Pro Case Review

Muse 13 iPad Pro Case is a wonderful accessory for any iPad owner. It’s beautifully designed and has ample room available for all your tablet needs. Muse 13 comes in two color options – Sahara Beige (pictured) and Graphite Black, which is a deep charcoal gray.

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