Integra cable provides durable, trustworthy option for charging.

Even though it seems like a relatively small item, I really like to have reliable Lightning cables that will charge and sync my mobile devices. There are a lot of third party cables out there that don’t really do a good job of charging my phone and some don’t even sync properly. As much as I rely on my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro (12.9-inch model), I can’t really afford to use a lousy cable for charging. Apple’s standard Lightning Cable has a simple silicone sheath and it easily frays the more you use it. So, I want a cable that is reinforced and can handle many different types of Lighting devices. Moshi’s Integra USB-A to Lightning Charge/Sync Cable is ideal for my needs.

Moshi Integra USB-A to Lightning Charge and Sync Cable REVIEW

The Integra cable is honestly like nothing I’ve ever seen before. First of all, it’s available four striking colors to match Apple products – jet silver, titanium gray, crimson red, and golden rose. Even though Moshi chooses to call their colors different from Apple’s names, I can assure you that they match quite well. The crimson red cable is intended to match the Apple (PRODUCT)RED iOS devices and it is a gorgeous deep red color. Since I’m used to white and black cables mostly, I was really excited to have such a vibrant cable. It really stands out. I can easily see it inside my laptop bag when I’m searching for a charging cable.

Moshi Integra USB-A to Lightning Charge and Sync Cable REVIEW

Aside from the beautiful style of the cable, the Integra Lightning cable also has a lot of lovely features. The cable has a high-performance DuPont Kevlar spine that exceeds 20,000 bend cycles. You can be assured that this cable will not break under stress. Ballistic nylon braiding covers the reinforced spine to prevent abrasions and tangles when you wrap your cable up at the end of the day. Surprisingly enough, with all the tough materials used to build this cable, it is very soft to the touch. The USB-A and Lightning connectors are built with aluminum housings so that they can withstand stress just as well as the cable.

Moshi Integra USB-A to Lightning Charge and Sync Cable REVIEW

One of the extraordinary features of this cable is that Moshi actually states on the box that it will support up to 12W of power for iOS devices. This surprised me because I’m not used to seeing that power rating called out. It’s refreshing to know that this cable can handle the power transfer needed for my large 12-inch iPad Pro. While I was writing this review, I had my iPhone 7 on charge nearby using the Integra cable. The phone pulled in a charge from the outlet really well and there was no heat detected on the cable.

I have been very impressed with this cable. It even ships with a heavy-duty cable wrap so that you can always keep it bound together and ready for use. I would recommend this for any iOS user.

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