Moshi provides versatile protection for your iPad Pro

Protection for Apple products is an absolute necessity to preserve their appearance and increase their life. Many cases hide the natural ascetics of the products themselves and I am always intrigued by products that attempt to protect while not getting in the way of Apple’s design. The Moshi iGlaze and iVisor provide a nice balance of protection and ascetics while adding anti-glare capabilities to your iPad Pro.

The Moshi iGlaze is compatible with Apple’s Smart Keyboard and it’s made with a Specialized coating for improved scratch resistance. The iVisor is completely compatible with the Apple Pencil functionality and can be washed and reapplied repeatedly. The covering reduces fingerprints and smudging.

Moshi iGlaze and iVisor for iPad Pro REVIEW

Appearance and Setup
There really isn’t much to say here as these products adhere and attach to the iPad Pro in much the same way as similar products. For those uninitiated, you simply snap the iGlaze onto the back of your iPad and then peal and stick the iVisor onto the front of your iPad making sure to align it correctly and not cover the camera, home button, etc.

The thing I like most about the iGlaze and iVisor is that they do not detract from the look of my iPad Pro. At a glance, you can’t even tell that the iPad is in a case. The iVisor is also virtually invisible unless you are up close and looking for it. One of the additional features that the iVisor gives you is anti-glare. In my tests, this actually works really well in different lighting conditions. Outside was still challenging, but I can say that the iVisor did help.

Moshi iGlaze and iVisor for iPad Pro REVIEW

Bottom Line
Both of these products perform as advertised and do so without making your iPad Pro look ugly. They can be used together or separately, but both together protect your iPad from all angles.

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