The bag is perfect for staying organized and stylish no matter where you go.

I have always like bags — they are my favorite accessory. I’ve tried out many different styles and backpacks tend to be my favorite. Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to take a trip to Europe and I ended up taking a nice, leather-like backpack with me as my daily carry-all. I don’t tend to use it now except on special occasions because it is starting to wear quite a bit.  That said, I have wanted another small-form backpack for a while and when I saw that Moshi, a premium accessory designer, had one — the Helios Mini — I thought it would be ideal for what I was looking for.

Moshi Helios Mini Compact Backpack REVIEW


This smaller-sized backpack is perfect to carry daily essentials in. It’s designed to be large enough for a 13-inch MacBook Pro (2016-2017 models only) but still compact for easy transport. It has a very slim silhouette but it has many pockets and compartments to keep you organized. The bag has a water-repellent coating to protect it against rain and snow. There is a special RFID inside pocket for personal data protection and even an internal bottle holder. The Helios Mini is made from an ultra-lightweight premium vegan leather. It closes with magnetic straps and custom metal buckles. There are two distinct colors — olive green and beige.

User Experience

The Helios Mini arrived in a simple plastic bag. I was immediately taken with the color of it and the vibrant golden clasps. The bag is very lightweight and easy to carry around. The back straps are adjustable and strong enough for most loads you can pack into the bag. Even though it’s large enough to accommodate my 13-inch MacBook Pro, I opted to pack my daily basic essentials into it and carried it instead of my purse. The items that were included were my full-size wallet, a few personal items, and a couple of different keychains. I also kept my Apple AirPods in their charging case and, at times, my phone was stored in the Helios Mini. I found that the bag was developed to the same standards as other Moshi products and that the design is pretty near perfect.

Moshi Helios Mini Compact Backpack REVIEW

On a daily basis, I was carrying the Helios Mini as my carry-all and a full-size laptop backpack as my tech bag. This worked well for me but when I tried to quickly throw the Helios Mini over one shoulder — like you can do with a regular full-size bag — the bag would slip off my shoulder. I loosened the shoulder straps in order to be able to comfortably put it on but when I did that, I found that with both straps on my shoulders, the backpack would still slip off my arms if I walked around. So, I found that the best way to wear the Helios Mini is to put it on and then tighten the straps. The straps are a little tight, but once you work with them a bit, they loosen up.

One of the best tests I had for the Helios Mini was when I took it to the zoo. My fiance and I walked around quite a bit and the bag stayed in one place and wore very well. I had my standard haul in it plus a water bottle. It was very balanced and my back was not sore at all from wearing it.

Moshi Helios Mini Compact Backpack REVIEW


The Helios Mini is a perfect little backpack for your daily and technical essentials. It is large enough for smaller laptops but I think it works much better with tablets. The bag is priced around $140, which is a little higher than other leather mini-bags on the market but in line with premium accessories. I would recommend this to any users looking for a unique, stylish backpack that will keep you well-organized while on the go.

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