Moshi Helios Laptop Backpack: I never thought I would like a designer bag.

I’ve never been much into designer accessories. I spent most of my time growing up on a skateboard and designer anything for me was far from my mind. Now that I’m getting older, I’m finding designer stuff to be constructed better than its competitors. Usually designer pieces are elegant and more functional than non-designer options. As a kid, I had no concept of these things, but with that said, some designer products are all about the look and forget the function. The Helios Laptop Backpack from Moshi is the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Moshi Helios Laptop Backpack REVIEW

Moshi’s Helios Laptop Backpack is a lightweight, weather-resistant designer bag for 15″ laptops (or smaller). It has a fully padded main compartment, which is ideal for full-size laptop or even larger tablets like the iPad Pro. The main compartment is quite roomy and has plenty of space for books, paperwork, and other technical accessories. There is a Napoleon-style pocket that allows you to hold smaller personal items like a wallet, passport, or even travel papers close to your body for easy access. Like many other Moshi products, Helios features weather-resistant fabrics to keep your belongings safe from rain and snow, and vegan leather trim. It has some pretty impressive magnetic strap closures and custom metal buckles. This is honestly one of the better made laptop backpacks I’ve had the opportunity to use.

With its clean look and open storage, Helios has become one of my favorite backpacks very quickly. It’s super lightweight and it allows me to tote around my MacBook Pro while feeling like I have plenty of room for everything I need.

While at CES this year, I was dragging around two bags everyday – one kept my camera gear in tow and the other my laptop with its accessories. Unfortunately, I did not have much room to place anything else and during my trip, I was handed many samples of products by companies who wanted us to review them. I thought the bag I had with me would look good and be functional, and for the most part it was. I used it to keep a few small things inside and charged from it, but when it came to having an open space to really use it as a bag, I was left, well, holding the bag.

Moshi Helios Laptop Backpack REVIEW

The Helios is so lightweight that if I had it while at CES, not only would it have looked good on my back, but it also would have felt good. With all the extra items I was adding to my bags as I walked the show floor, the increased weight caused me to tire very quickly. This is a feature I want to point out about bags. Some might seem lightweight, but until you pack it around loaded down with product for hours on end, you really don’t get a great sense of how the weight of the bag adds to your overall wearing experience. The Helios is so lightweight and wears so evenly, that even when it’s loaded down and packed full, it still feels comfortable.

Moshi Helios Laptop Backpack REVIEW

The Moshi Helios gives me what I want in a clean elegant design while being lightweight and offering open space. I found it’s built well and that even though it’s a designer bag, it’s designed to look good while not sacrficing the function.

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