Exceptional products for an active lifestyle.

I’ve been a fan of Moshi for quite some time now as their products never cease to amaze me. They take a lot of pride in making their products and the quality shines through. They have a wide variety of products available for technology products and one category I’ve been particularly impressed with their line of cases for the iPhone and that led me to their Endura series iPhone Mounts.

The Endura series is built for the active lifestyle. There are currently three pieces in the collection – phone case, MetaMount Armband, and Handlebar. I have had the option to review all three pieces and will outline their benefits and features below.

Endura iPhone Case
The Endura series iPhone Case is the toughest case available from Moshi. It’s designed specifically to withstand extreme drops but is still styled like a Moshi case. It’s sleek but slim and it can withstand 10-foot drops onto concrete. The case is made with a shock-absorbing HexCore polymer that can withstand most hard hits that are thrown at it. It only comes in one color – Carbon Black – and has a unique carbon fiber pattern on the back. What makes the Endura iPhone case unique is its rear connector that allows the case to be mounted onto the armband or handlebar mount.

Moshi Endura Armband and Handlebar iPhone Mounts REVIEW

This rear connector does bulge out from the back just a bit, but it doesn’t hinder the regular use of the case. I did find it to be a little annoying that the phone would sometimes wobble when sitting on a desk. The only other issue I had with this case was that I couldn’t use it with my charging dock. The ports are covered with a flap to prevent dust, dirt, and water from entering the phone. The case comes packaged with screen protectors, too. I did find that I had an issue with the screen protector. It didn’t seem to have a firm connection to the iPhone screen so when I tried to tap a button on on an app that was on the edges of the screen, it didn’t register. This was enough of a problem for me that I removed the screen protector after testing it.

Moshi Endura Armband and Handlebar iPhone Mounts REVIEW

It’s a tough case and perfect for an active lifestyle. It’s very easy to install your phone in the case and even though the phone is secure while in the case, it’s easy to remove if you decide to swap cases.

Endura Armband
I’ve had a fairly active lifestyle off and on for years. I’ve used many different types of armbands to keep my iPhone close at hand, but none of them have really been ideal for working out and using the phone. The Endura Armband is an open armband. What I mean by that is the iPhone case connects to armband without having to be slipped into a sleeve. The connector is part of the MetaMount system that is used with both the Endura Armband and the Handlebar mount. It’s precision-tooled and features a quick-release button. The band is made of a soft elastic and fits arm circumferences up to 15.8 inches. I’ve tried out a lot of armbands and have always had issues with the band not being the right size or the connection to the phone being lame. The Endura Armband is comfortable, easy to use, and it doesn’t get in the way. There is no added bulk from a phone sleeve. I much prefer this to the other options in the market.

Moshi Endura Armband and Handlebar iPhone Mounts REVIEW Moshi Endura Armband and Handlebar iPhone Mounts REVIEW

Endura Handlebar Mount
When I was younger, I was an avid bike rider. Most summer days, you could find me riding around the neighborhoods around my house. I would ride for miles and miles. Now, it’s much more of a rarity. That being said, when I ride, I do like to keep my phone on me in the case of emergency. I’ve seen a lot of budget brand mounts for bicycles and they really can’t compare to the Endura series handlebar mount. It’s well made like the other Endura products and can be used on a bicycle (like I have shown), motorcycles, and even strollers.  To use it, you simply unscrew the mount so that it folds open. Then you wrap it around your handlebar of choice and reinstall the screw. The handlebar mount has an inner spacer that fits handlebar sizes of 22.2/25.4/31.8 mm.

Just like with the armband, Moshi kept the design simple and functional for the handlebar mount. The attachment has the same MetaMount system as the Armband and has the quick release button so that you can easily take phone calls and otherwise use your phone detached from the mount. Again, Moshi did a wonderful job of designing this mount to be minimalistic and flow with the rest of the collection. It’s a really nice because it’s small enough to leave on your handlebar when you’re not using it. Even though I don’t ride my bike that often, I’m very glad to have this accessory ready at a moment’s notice.

Moshi Endura Armband and Handlebar iPhone Mounts REVIEW Moshi Endura Armband and Handlebar iPhone Mounts REVIEW

The entire Endura collection of products works beautifully to keep your device in shape without interrupting your active lifestyle. Moshi takes great care in creating products that work with your life and the Endura case and mounts are no exception.

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