Carry your MacBook in Style with the designer codex15 clamshell case.

When it comes to my electronic devices, I like to keep them as close to mint condition as possible.  If I am in the comfort of my own home, I may use my MacBook Pro without a protective shell.  However, when I travel, I do not tempt fate nor do I simply rely upon the AppleCare warranty.  Instead, I choose to surround my device with a protective case. I recently received a briefcase-like, airport-friendly case from Moshi and was excited to try out the classy, padded case.


The Codex15 MacBook Pro Case arrived in a 15 3/4 inches wide by 11 3/8 inches tall by 1 3/8 inches thick retail package.  The see-through cover proudly displayed the black/brown faux-leather 15-inch Moshi MacBook case behind a clear panel.  The lime green moshi title was listed along the top left, “codex15 designer MacBook carrying case” was listed along the middle of the cover, and four 1 7/8 inches wide by 1 11/16 inches tall icons were listed along the bottom: MacBook 15-inch, Airport Friendly, Viscotex Memory Foam, Weather Resistant.  Both side panels displayed “codex15” in grey along the top and MacBook 15-inch onyx/black along the bottom.  The back panel displayed codex15 along the top left and listed five bullet points detailing the features of the case: 1. Soft vegan leather exterior with weather-resistant coating. 2. Viscotex memory foam cushions your MacBook Pro from shocks and bumps. 3. Sleep wrap-around zipper for quick packing and unpacking. 4. clamshell design lets you use your device without removing it from the case. 5. Soft microfiber inner lining protects your MacBook Pro from scratching. In addition to the bullet points, the panel provided two images of the clamshell case, one open and one closed, and some information about the product warranty.  

Gripping the small nylon pull tag along the right side of the case, I slid the inner tray out from the clear slipcover.  The 14.56 ounce, 14 5/8 inches wide by 10 1/2 inches tall vegan leather case was surrounded on the lower three sides by 34 1/2 inches of zipper with dual zipper pulls.  The spine of the case had a 10 1/8 inches wide hexagon that extended 2 3/8 inches onto the front/back panels.  Centered within the base of the hexagon, I was pleased to find a 7 1/2 inches long by 7/8 inches thick carry handle.  The outer borders of the brown hexagon and the carry handle had intricate brown stitching, whereas the outer border of the black section had black stitching.  Other than the etched “moshi” on the front panel, the outer case was devoid of writing/advertising.  Lifting the lid of the clamshell case, I found the inner surface was lined with a soft grey microfiber material.  The base had four 1 1/4 inch diameter rubber spacers and the top had two 3 5/8 inches long by 1/2 inches thick semi-translucent rubberized screen holders.  To enjoy the Moshi codex15 case, slide the screen of your unadorned 15” MacBook into the upper straps and then rest the keyboard section on the four rubberized spacers.  Close  the clamshell case and then slide the zippers closed.  When ready to use your MacBook Pro again, simply unzip the zipper and open the screen.  The rubberized loops will keep the clamshell case open. 

I was pleased with the overall design of the case and believe that moshi did a great job at combining form with function. Although the case was not waterproof, it was designed to deflect rain/moisture. The smooth-action dual zipper pulls allowed easy access to open/close the clamshell design and the rubberized hooks maintained a tight grip on the screen of my Macbook Pro. The lower rubberized/silicone feet helped to improve air circulation around the MacBook and matched with the rubberized feet on the bottom of Macbook. My only complaint about the case was that it did not lock onto the MacBook. If you forgot to zip the case closed and you grabbed the carry handle or lifted up on the clamshell lid, your MacBook may simply slide out of the case. The soft grey felt protected the case from scuffs/scratches. I think my favorite aspect of the case was the brown leather carry handle, which added an extra layer of functionality. If the black/brown coloration does not suit your fancy, you can also purchase the device in red.

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