Codex is a lightweight case with a designer look.

When the new MacBook Pro was released this past fall, I sighed heavily. “Great,” I thought. “Another new laptop design, which means my accessories will be obsolete.” While this is true — especially since the MBP only has USB-C ports for data and power transfer — it also means I get to try out new products that have recently become available and even some products that have been revamped to suit the needs of the newest Apple products. One such product that fits that description is the Codex MacBook Carrying Case from Moshi.

Moshi Codex 15 MacBook Carrying Case

Even though it states “MacBook” in the title of the product, this case is made for the MacBook Pro. After all, it’s still apart of the MacBook family, isn’t it? The case is semi-hard shell in nature. It works sort of like a book cover. You set your laptop into the case and then slide two elastic bands across the top of your screen. This helps to hold case to the laptop when its opened. The case is made from soft, vegan leather (exterior) and a microfiber lining (interior). The outside has a weather-resistant coating while the inner lining helps to protect the MacBook Pro from scratches. Memory foam was inserted into the case to keep the laptop safe from shocks and bumps. The case is airport-friendly and because it’s based on a clam-shell design, you can use it when the case is open.

Moshi Codex 15 MacBook Carrying Case

Someone once said that first impressions are everything. Well, Moshi did a really nice job of making the Codex look unique. There are two color options Onyx Black and Burgandy Red. Each style has tan leather as the accent around the handle. The case looks very similar to a portfolio, which is great for executives. The zipper locks the laptop into the case securely and the handle pulls out with little effort.

Moshi Codex 15 MacBook Carrying Case

The only thing that really concerns me with this case is that the laptop isn’t ‘locked’ into place on the inside. Installation of the laptop is essentially just placing the computer on the base of the case and then closing it. If you happened to pick up the case thinking it was zippered shut but it wasn’t, the laptop would slide out and fall to the ground. As a carrying aid, I think this is great, but users nee to be very cautious to ensure that their MacBook is secure on the inside.

Moshi Codex 15 MacBook Carrying Case

The Codex case is a sleek-looking accessory for the MacBook family from Apple. It matches the laptops in style and build quality, but I’d like to see something more included to secure the laptop on the inside.

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