The perfect on trend messenger bag for fall and winter

Theres nothing I like more when the summer heat dies down and we slide into the fall season. With fall comes not only the best weather but the best color trends and styles.  What better way than to trade in my Moshi sky blue Helios Lite backpack for the Moshi herringbone gray Aerio messenger bag.

Once again Moshi is on trend with the release of the herringbone gray design for the Aerio messenger.  The fabric remains to be high quality, stylish and protective.  The overall impression this bag gives me is professional, minimal, and functional.  A nice feature of this bag is being very lightweight even though the material is thick and durable. The large adjustable strap is durable and can adjust to your preference.  The bag is splash resistant and I notice that the bags in general don’t get dirty very easily either, which is great for keeping it looking nice with normal wear.

Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag REVIEW

I’m a student nurse, a writer for Macsources, and I work in a hospital so I’m always on the go and I need to carry a lot with me.  With this bag change I upgraded from 13 inch to the 15 inch and I must say I’m a fan of the extra space.  The two adjustable snaps to close the bag make it so if I have an oversized book I want to carry or I’ve got the bag pretty stuffed I can still make it work.  I can now carry my Macbook Pro, leather portfolio binder, iPad Mini Air 2, plus necessities for work without an issue.

The key to this bag is organization.  This is not meant to be the bottomless bag where you throw all your things in and go.  I sat and planned out how I would arrange things in it so they could fit and I could easily find them.  The inside of the bag are two main compartments one meant for your laptop and one for tech gear and books.  There are extra slots against the side so you can put things in it to keep them secure and organized.  Not only does the offset zipper on the front boost it’s style points, its a great storage area as well.  I like to keep small flat items in the front zippers to avoid having it bulge.  The back zipper that sits against your body is my favorite compartment because its perfect to stick folder in.  I seem to always have a simple folder with me with important documents and it’s much easier to pull it out of there instead of getting into my  large leather portfolio if I’m just needing one thing.  The feature travelers will love is the small strap that can attach to a rolling suitcase adding a huge convenience to their journey.

Moshi Aerio Messenger Bag REVIEW

I’m impressed by the quality and design of this bag.  I can’t think of anyone who would not benefit from the structure and functionality of it.

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