Moshi 5K IonBank USB-C is a portable option for the next generation of charging.

One of my favorite accessories is my Moshi IonBank 10K. It’s ideal for carrying around in my laptop bag or purse. It has a built-in Lightning charging cable as well as a USB-A cable. It holds its charge well and is very sleek looking. Honestly, it’s everything I want in a power bank. Recently I added an Android tablet to my arsenal of mobile technology products. As a many new products do, this tablet happens to charge through a USB-C connection. We’ve been focusing a lot on USB-C accessories lately here on MacSources and part of that is because it’s the next generation of data and power transfer. We are already seeing it as a trend with the new MacBook Pro as well as the other computers in the MacBook line of products. There are many Android products that use USB-C as their primary port, too. So, I’m thrilled to be reviewing the IonBank 5K USB-C from Moshi.

Moshi 5K IonBank USB-C

Just like its predecessor the IonBank 10K, the USB-C IonBank features built-in cables. I cannot stress how much of a benefit this is for user experience. First of all, you have the convenience of never having to carry an additional cable along with you and secondly, Moshi has designed this power bank so that the cables tuck neatly away beneath a magnetic flap. The design of the power bank is ingenious and it’s so easy to use. The battery is a 5,150 mAh capacity power bank with a 1.5A power output. The IonBank features lithium-polymer cells and SmartSense circuitry that charges both devices and the IonBank at the same time. Another thing I really like about the IonBank is its aluminum casing and vegan leather accents. It just adds that touch of elegance that I’ve come to expect from Moshi.

There is a 4-LED light indicator panel on the same side as the USB port. You can use this to judge how much battery life is left (each light is 25% of the battery). To recharge the battery, you use the built-in USB cable. The IonBank does not come with a wall charger, but you can recharge it from your computer’s USB port or any standard USB power adapter.

Moshi 5K IonBank USB-C

It’s a stylish accent piece with a sophisticated function to it. The Moshi IonBank 5k USB-C is smaller/slimmer than the 10K IonBank I have and lighter. Even though my iPhone 7 uses Lighting, I might end up carrying the IonBank around more just because it’s a little more transportable. As of right now, the IonBank 5K USB-C only comes in one color — Gunmetal Gray. I wouldn’t be surprised if Moshi releases other color options though as the standard IonBank 5K also comes in a Sunset Bronze color.

Moshi 5K IonBank USB-C

Moshi’s IonBank series of power banks are a huge win for users. They are compact and don’t require additional cables even though you have that option with the extra USB port included. They are high capacity, high-quality power options for your mobile devices and the IonBank 5k USB-C is a great addition to the power bank family.
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