Mort’s Minions is a retro indie adventure.

Mort’s Minions is an indie game for iOS made by Dan Bellinski. My impression of the game is that it is quirky and fun, though it can sometimes be frustrating.

There are four characters that you can choose to play through the adventure, each has different abilities that you can unlock as you level and collect stars. The storyline is the same no matter who you choose to play. At first, you jump on minions to kill them and jump over obstacles. You are automatically always moving forward, so you don’t have to focus on anything besides jumping. As you progress, you encounter different types of minions and obstacles and have to raise your skills to meet the combat demands of the game. There are 64 levels so far, split into four different worlds, and the fifth world with 16 additional levels is being released today.

Mort's Minions iOS Game REVIEW

Things I liked about the game:
The sound effects are funny. I turned them off pretty quick just because any game’s sound effects get annoying after a few rounds, but I found the, “Woohoo!” when you complete a level and the “Womp womp,” when you die particularly entertaining. The Ogres also just walk around grumbling, “Ogre.” The whimsy of these little details is on point.

I like that you can choose between the four characters. It doesn’t make much of a difference at first but as you go, the differences are appealing, since not everyone likes the same type of gameplay. My favorite character is May the Archer. I’m not sure if I’m just biased because she’s my favorite color and the only female, but I find shooting arrows at things useful and less confusing to use than, say, Leonard the Monk’s first skill. The other character options are Gary the Mage and Jim the Warrior.

Mort's Minions iOS Game REVIEW

No ads! Well, no popup ones, anyway. You can choose to watch video ads for an extra heart or to continue a game if you die, but they never just show up. Quite frequently the game will tell you to support it by going to its store, but these things are easily dismissed if you feel so inclined.

Things I don’t like about the game:
Your progress is saved by character. So if you happen to start out with May and after several levels decide to try out Gary, you have to play all those levels over again. I personally would like to be able to switch out characters depending on the specific goals/minions/challenges of each level.

You don’t have to complete a level to move on. This is something that is weird to me more than an actual complaint. It did help me progress a lot faster through the levels as I was testing out the game (which was super helpful, as I did try out at least 10 levels with each character). Still, it felt rather unsatisfying not to actually get to the end of each level.

Mort's Minions iOS Game REVIEW

The pacing of the game at some points seems really weird. You don’t have control over your forward trajectory, so sometimes the game runs you into unavoidable obstacles, like the minions that blow bubbles in Aqua. I haven’t found a way to not run into them yet. And sometimes minions and obstacles are stacked in such a way that avoiding all of them isn’t quite possible, which I found annoying. That being said, I acknowledge that this could possibly just be me being terrible at playing this game.

Infrequently, but enough for it to be a point, I’ll try to jump and nothing will happen. I tap the screen, the sound effect plays, but the character just runs headlong into whatever I was trying to avoid.

Mort's Minions iOS Game REVIEW

Overall, Mort’s Minions is a free game that is worth checking out, especially if you like games that require a little more focus and are a bit more of a challenge than the usual mobile game.

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