A sleek, efficient charger for the iPhone.

I don’t upgrade my iPhone every year. So, I missed the version when wireless charging was first released (2017, iPhone 8). I did upgrade the next year and thoroughly enjoyed the new charging feature. I will say that it’s been problematic though because you can sometimes lay the phone on a charging pad and not make exact contact with the charging coil. This leaves your phone uncharged. This is why I’m glad that with the iPhone 12 models, Apple introduced MagSafe charging. The feature ensures that an iPhone can hit the charging coil precisely every single time. Fortunately, Mophie, a company that I trust for charging devices, has a great line of MagSafe charging options including the Snap+ Wireless Charging Stand. 


The Snap+ Wireless Charging Stand is a 15W wireless charging stand that contains a magnetic array that is compatible with virtually any Qi-enabled smartphone or with MagSafe iPhone models. The stand is also compatible with Samsung and Google phones. A Snap adapter is included with the stand, which makes non-compatible phones instantly compatible with the Snap+ Wireless Charging Stand. You have the option of storing the phone in portrait or landscape mode. The stand can charge a phone through a low-profile case (up to 3mm thick). The stand has the ability to charge up to 15W with Android devices, but only 7.5W with iOS devices. There is a 2-year warranty on the stand, it measures 3.54 x 2.17 x 5.45 in and weighs 0.51 pounds. 


The Snap+ Wireless Charging Stand comes in a simple Mophie branded box. The design of these boxes is clean and uniform with other Mophie products. There is a single photo of the product on the cover of the box and some of the main details are included on the back. The box indicates that the stand provides fast charging, charges on contact, offers magnetic positioning, and charges through cases. When I opened the box I found the disassembled stand, the user manual, a wall plug, and the Snap adapter. Since I don’t need the adapter I set it back in the box and focused on the stand. Assembly is quite simple. Mophie already has the charging cable (USB-C) run through the base of the stand. Therefore, all you have to do is pull the stand to the base and snap it into place. There is a channel on the bottom of the stand for the cable, but it doesn’t hold it super tightly. I would prefer to see the cable snap into the channel so it doesn’t pop out of place and cause the stand to sit unevenly. 

As far as operation goes, the stand does an efficient job with the iPhone 12 Pro. I do have a slim case on my phone (the Smartish Gripmunk) and didn’t have any issues with my phone staying on the stand or charging. When I held my phone up to the stand’s magnetic pad, it attached right to it. When I test chargers I always do a 30-minute charging session and track the device’s progress every 10 minutes. When I charged my phone with the Snap+ Wireless Charging Stand, my phone gained 27% battery in 30 minutes. That equals 0.9% battery life per minute. That’s well above the average I’ve gotten from other wireless chargers. I do want to point out that the phone did not reach the 80% mark on its battery so it did not experience trickle charging while I had it on the Snap+ Wireless Stand. 


I really love the design of the Snap+ charging devices from Mophie and really enjoy this one on my desktop. I usually just set my phone on a decorative holder, but this stand is great because it’s functional as well as sleek looking. The Snap+ Wireless Charging Stand is a very capable, efficient charging option for the iPhone 12. I would recommend it to other iPhone users. 

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