Compact and easy for portable charging. 

I’m a fan of wireless charging and I’ve really enjoyed using MagSafe charging devices. One of the simplest ones is the basic MagSafe charger that is essentially just a charging puck attached to a cable. Apple offers this charging device and some third-party designers have, too, like Mophie. Mophie is a brand that I trust for charging my devices and so I decided to give their Snap+ Wireless Charger a try. 


The Snap+ Wireless Charger is a 15W wireless charging pad that is Qi-enabled and specifically designed to work with MagSafe compatible devices. It comes in one color variation – black – and can work with smartphones such as the iPhone, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy. It’s a powerful wireless charging device that is universally compatible. The charger features a magnetic array that ensures charging begins on contact. The charger can charge through low-profile cases. It is capable of charging devices with up to 15W of wireless charging power for Android devices and up to 7.5W wireless charging for iOS devices with the proper power adapter. 



The Mophie Snap+ Wireless Charger comes in a Mophie-branded retail box. The front of the box features a photo of the product, the name of the product, and a few details of the charger. Three of the main features of the charger that are stamped on the front include ‘wireless charging,’ ‘MagSafe compatible,’ and 15W wireless fast charge.’ The back of the box shows the charger lined up with the MagSafe charging area on the phone as well as some additional details such as the fact that the charger can charge through lightweight cases. When you pull the inner carton out of the box, you will see the words, “mophie loves you,’ before you open the cover to reveal the charger. The charger is held in place by a cardboard insert. The attached cable rests in a sort of half-box/cut-out along with the quick start guide and snap+ adapter. 


The Snap+ Wireless Charger works via a USB-C connection. It does not ship with its own power adapter. Users can connect it to a computer, dock, or power adapter of their choice. To use it, you simply attach it to the back of a MagSafe compatible phone such as the iPhone 12 Pro. When I tested the charger out with my iPhone 12 Pro, I found that any orientation that I attempted, seemed to work just fine. I thought that the east or west orientation – where the phone was resting on the charger parallel – seemed to be the tightest connection. The Snap Adapter seemed to work quite well, too. I did not attach it to a non-MagSafe phone, but the adapter did attach to the charger easily enough. 

In order to test the Snap+ Wireless Charger, I placed my iPhone 12 Pro onto the charging puck and let it charge for 10 minutes. After it charged for 10 minutes, I looked at the amount of battery life it gained and then divided that amount by the allotted time of the test. That gave me a charging rate of 0.2% per minute. This is a little less than I would expect, but since the battery was over 80% at the time I started this test, the battery was trickle charging to protect the life of the battery. 



The Snap+ Wireless Charger is very easy-to-use wireless charging accessory. It’s portable and makes it possible for you to have the convenience of wireless charging anywhere you go. The charger retails for around $35 (at the time of publishing), which is approximately 5% less than Apple’s MagSafe charger.  I think it’s a great investment and something that is very complimentary to the newest iPhone models. 

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