The ultimate vent phone holder. 

Not too long ago, my colleague, Nick, wrote a review on the Mophie Snap+ Wireless Vent Mount. That vent mount has the ability to provide wireless charging to a connected phone. When I saw how well it held his iPhone 12 Pro, I decided I wanted a mount like that – I just didn’t need the wireless charging feature. Fortunately, Mophie makes that exact product in the Snap Vent Mount. It’s perfect for holding your phone in a safe place while you drive. 


The Snap Vent Mount is a magnetic car mount that is compatible with any smartphone (along with the magnetic snap adapter ring). The mount is designed for smartphones like the iPhone, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy. It’s only available in one color – black. Users can keep their phones within reach and at the ideal viewing angle while driving. There is a strong magnetic array built into the mount and it can hold a phone in either the portrait or landscape orientation. The Snap Vent Mount is compatible with MagSafe that is built into iPhone 12 models. Mophie includes a 2-year warranty with this product. The package includes the Snap Vent Mount, Snap Adapter, Installation Kit, and the quick start guide.


  • Magnetic Positioning: A magnetic array holds on tight to your device to give you the perfect view while driving.
  • Hands-free Functionality: The snap vent mount enables you to make hands‑free calls and makes GPS directions easier to follow.
  • One-handed Operation: Easily attach or detach your phone with just one hand so you can focus on the road.
  • Snap Adapter Included: Attach the metallic ring to any smartphone to make it instantly compatible with the magnetic array in the Snap Vent Mount.


The Snap Vent Mount comes in a simple, but well-designed box. The box has mophie branding on it and a nice image of the product is on the front. There are details about the mount around the box included its MagSafe compatibility. The package includes a Snap Adapter, which is also sold separately in a 2-pack. The purpose of the Snap Adapter is to provide a metallic base on any smartphone so that it will be compatible with the magnetic array within the Snap Vent Mount. There is an installation guide included so that you can position the ring in exactly the right spot for the magnetic array on the mount. 

I’ve tried out a lot of vent mounts before and never really liked them much. They never seem to have a firm enough hold on the vent and as a result, the phone that it’s holding tends to droop. I was afraid that might happen with the Snap Vent Mount, too, but fortunately, I was wrong. I was able to squeeze the vent attachment easily and when the feet of the attachment opened, I positioned it in between the vent bars. When I let go, the feet grabbed the vent and it’s been a sturdy mount ever since. I haven’t had any problems with the vent mount moving or causing the phone to sag. It has stayed in one place and hasn’t faltered at all. 

I have an iPhone 12 Pro and it’s MagSafe compatible. I haven’t had any issues with it holding tight to the magnetic array of the vent mount. It has worked really well. I have found that sometimes I have to move the phone around a little bit to get the magnet to grab the phone, but once it’s attached, it stays attached. 


The Snap Vent Mount has made it possible for me to have a comfortable, hands-free driving experience. I’ve never had a vent mount work the way this one does. As an added bonus, the vent mount helps to clean up the storage area of my car. I don’t like having to look down to see the screen of my phone and the Snap Vent Mount makes it possible for me to avoid that. At $30 (at the time of publishing this review), I think the Snap Vent Mount is an excellent investment for any smartphone user. 

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