Power everything including your laptop with this little powerhouse

When I travel, I usually leave the house with a bag full of charged batteries. And, even though my final destination usually has an opportunity to plug into wall outlets for recharging purposes, sometimes you just need to have a Plan-B for power. Since there have been lots of ‘defective’ batteries that hit the market from unregulated manufacturers, I really only trust a couple of brands with my charging needs. One of which is Mophie. They make high-quality charging solutions for all types of devices and users that I absolutely love!


The Powerstation USB-C 3XL is an extra-large capacity with 26,000 mAh available for charging devices. It features 45W power delivery (PD) and fast charge abilities through USB-C. The Powerstation is optimized for use with Apple devices. The USB-C port is dedicated to charging the Powerstation quickly so that it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. The Powerstation does feature Priority+ charging, which means that power will be sent to a connected device before the battery receives a charge. The battery is finished with a durable fabric wrap, which is both stylish and protective. There is a four-light LED power indicator. It displays charging status and current battery life.

Mophie Powerstation USB-C 3XL External Battery REVIEW


  • Dimensions: 3.7 in x 6.6 in x .91 in (99 mm x 168 mm x 23 mm)
  • Weight: 1.1250
  • Capacity: 26,000mAh
  • 2-year warranty


The Powerstation USB-C 3XL is packaged in standard ‘mophie’ packaging. There is a large image of the product on the front of the box with some basic information about the device just below it. This Powerstation comes with two cables — a USB-A to USB-C cable and a USB-C to USB-C cable. The battery has a partial charge out of the box and there is no other set-up needed to use it. I was so excited about the Powerstation’s arrival that I started using it right away. I quickly found out how amazing it truly is.

Mophie Powerstation USB-C 3XL External Battery REVIEW

The Powerstation arrived right before I went on vacation to Florida and it was the perfect time as I could take it with me and use it on the road and use it at the hotels I would be staying at. This is a bit bigger and heavier for someone to drag around in a pocket but in a backpack, purse, or any other style bag it’s perfect. I was able to use it to charge my MacBook Pro, iPad Pro 11-inch and my new iPhone 11 Pro Max. It was the only battery I took with me and it was all I needed during the entire 11-day trip. I only needed to charge the battery here and there since I had regular access to wall outlets.

Mophie Powerstation USB-C 3XL External Battery REVIEW

Even though I had successful field tests using the Powerstation 3XL, I did run a more exact test when I got home. I charged our 10.5-inch iPad Pro (2017) using the Powerstation and got the following results. I plugged the iPad into the Powerstation when it was fully charged. The iPad only had a 15% charge to its battery. After 104 minutes of charging, the iPad’s battery gained 54%. That translates to 0.52% per minute. That’s a consistent charging rate with what I’ve experienced with other Mophie Powerstation batteries.

Mophie Powerstation USB-C 3XL External Battery REVIEW


The Powerstation USB-C 3XL External Battery is the perfect companion for traveling with multiple devices. It has a large enough capacity to recharge iPhones, iPads, and MacBook laptops. Since I love to only carry one battery if I can help it, this is ideal for those larger road trips where I need to travel light. It’s an amazing device and I can recommend it for all types of users.

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