The ultimate portable power option for peace of mind while you are on the road. 

You never know when you might need a sudden power boost, jump-start or emergency lighting. Earlier today, we found ourselves without power in our house. The utility company was replacing a high voltage line in our neighborhood and our power grid had to be turned off. Normally, this wouldn’t be that big of a problem except that I work from home. My laptop had plenty of power, but I was worried about my phone keeping a charge for tethering. The utility company said the power should only be out for 30 minutes, but if there was a problem, it could be out for up to 2 hours. Fortunately, I had alternative power sources thanks to Mophie. I’ve trusted Mophie with my power needs for many years so when I learned about their Powerstation Go Rugged product line, I was thrilled to be able to try them out. 


The unique feature about the Powerstation Go Rugged products is that they are all engineered to be ‘the ultimate source of portable power.’ All of them have the ability to jump-start vehicles. This makes them ideal to take on the road. There are four products in this family: Powerstation Go Rugged Compact, Powerstation Go Rugged AC, Powerstation Go Rugged with Air Compressor, and Powerstation Go Rugged Flashlight. Each device comes with its own carrying pouch, a USB-C cable for charging, a wall power adapter, a user manual, and automotive jumper cables. The Powerstation Go Rugged with Air Compressor also comes with air compressor nozzle adjustments. All the devices recharge using USB-C and could technically recharge each other if needed. 

Even though each of these chargers is part of the same lineup, they each have a special feature and they each have different capacities. The table below outlines all the features of each product. 

CompatibilityCapacityCharging PortsInput/Output CurrentDimensionsWeight
Powerstation Go Rugged Compactfull-sized vehicles; smartphones; tablets; other USB-A devices8,100 mAh @ 3.7V internal batteryUSB-C® input; jumper cable output; USB-A output (2)USB-C input: 5V/2A

Jump start output: 12V/600Amps

USB-A output (2): 5V/2.4A
 6.1 x 3.3 x 1.4 in

(155 x 83 x 35 mm)
18.4 oz

(521 g)
Powerstation Go Rugged ACsmartphones; tablets; other USB-A devices; laptops; cameras; other AC devices up to 65W; full-sized vehicles15,000 mAh @ 3.7V internal batteryUSB-C input; jumper cable output; AC output; USB-A output (2)USB-C input: 5V/2A

Jump start output: 12V/600Amps

AC output: 65W max

USB-A output (2): 5V/2.4A
7.17 x 3.82 x 1.5 in

(182 x 97 x 38 mm)
1.66 lb

(753 g)
Powerstation Go Rugged with Air Compressorfull-sized vehicles; sports and play equipment; car and bike tires; other inflatables; smartphones; tablets; other USB-A devices15,000 mAh @ 3.7V internal batteryUSB-C input; jumper cable output; USB-A output (2)USB-C input: 5V/2A

Jump start output: 12V/600Amps

USB-A output (2): 5V/2.4A
4.65 x 9.52 x 1.85 in

(118 x 241 x 47 mm)
40.64 oz

(1,152 g)
Powerstation Go Rugged Flashlightsmartphones; tablets; other USB-A devices; full-size vehicles9,900 mAh @ 3.7V internal batteryUSB-C input; jumper cable output; USB-A outputUSB-C input: 5V/2A

Jump start output: 12V/400Amps

USB-A output (2): 5V/2.4A
10.43 x 2.85 x 2.28 in

(265 x 72.5 x 58 mm)
1.15 lb

(522 g)


As I mentioned above, our house suffered a temporary power outage and because of that, I was able to give the Powerstation Go Rugged Compact and Flashlight a real-life test run. Our grandmother lives with us and during the outage, she needed to use the restroom. That happens to be the one room in our house that does not have a window in it for natural light exposure. Therefore, I turned on the work light feature of the Flashlight and set it on the counter for her. It was extremely bright and did a great job providing visibility for her. She was very impressed with it and said, “Wow, that really comes in handy!” when she emerged from the bathroom. 

The Powerstation Rugged Go Compact was my phone’s lifeline. As I mentioned, I needed to use my phone as my internet source while the power was off. At the time we were notified about the outage, I had already been using my phone for a couple of hours playing music so the battery was already drained a bit. So, I plugged it into the Powerstation Go Rugged Compact. I used a standard Apple Lighting to USB-A cable and the phone gained 25% battery power within 30 minutes. That is a charging rate of 0.83% battery life per minute. It’s a pretty solid charging rate for a portable battery pack. 

While I wasn’t able to use the air compressor or the Powerstation Go Rugged AC during the power outage, I did have them both standing by. The Powerstation Go Rugged AC would have come in handy if my laptop’s battery dropped too low. I do want to mention that I’ve used the Powerstation Go Rugged with Air Compressor quite a few times with my riding lawnmower. It has a battery that is a couple of years old and is still good enough to run the mower once it’s running, but getting it started requires a jump. I’ve used the Powerstation for that purpose. It’s been quite handy for the purpose. I’ve not had any issues with using the jumper cables or getting the charger to provide a solid power jump for the vehicle. I’ve also used the air compressor on the front tire of the mower. It sat for a few weeks and the tire appeared to be a bit low. So, I plugged the air compressor onto it and pumped it up quickly and efficiently. 


This set of Mophie chargers is both useful and essential for everyday emergencies. If you spend a lot of time in your car, I would recommend getting both the Flashlight and the Air Compressor versions of the Powerstations. Both of these devices are compact enough to stow away and they both serve distinct purposes while you are on the road. The Powerstation AC and Compact are both models that most remote workers could get use out of. We are getting ready to take a road trip in the next couple of weeks and I guarantee all four of these will be packed in the car – in case of emergency. 

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