The perfect companion for Apple fans.

I’m a fanatic about wire management. I hate cable clutter and have worked really hard in recent years to either use purely wireless technology or hide wires wherever I can. So, when I’m presented with the opportunity to replace three separate chargers with one therefore eliminating two cables and be able to charge three of my favorite mobile devices wirelessly, I jump at it. Mophie has been one of my favorite companies for a long time now. They make consistently good products and when it comes to charging devices, there aren’t many product designers that can match them. Last month, mophie announce the release of three new wireless charging products one of which was the 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand. I’m excited to say that I’ve been able to work with it now for a few weeks and love it. 


The 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand takes the guesswork out of simultaneously charging your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. There are dedicated spots for each Apple device and the acrylic-finish central charging hub delivers safe and efficient wireless charging for them. The stand delivers up to 7.5W of power and will charge the iPhone through cases up to 3mm thick. The wireless stand is optimized to charge the iPhone in either portrait or landscape modes. This is somewhat unique to this mophie charging hub. The Apple Watch can take advantage of Nightstand mode thanks to the built-in Apple Watch charger. 

The wireless charging spot for the AirPods will work with AirPods Pro, or AirPods with wireless charging case. The recess for the charging case of the headphones ensures that they make contact with the charging area every time. Each part of the stand is easily removable for transport. The charging stand is available in white or black and features a 2-year warranty from mophie. A quick start guide and 1.5M wall adapter are included with the charging stand in the box. The stand weighs approximately 0.59lb and measures 4.8 in x 7.4 in x 3.62 in. 


The stand comes in a very nice retail package. Mophie excels at consumer packaging. They highlight the product and its details evenly on the box and provide a good photographic representation of the product on the front and back of the box. When you open the box, you will find the aforementioned quick start guide, power adapter/cable, and, of course, the stand itself. There is some minor assembly required of the user, but it’s simply a matter of putting the watch charging stand and iPhone stand in place. Once they are attached, you plug the cable into the stand and then the other end into a power source. Then, you place your Apple devices on the surface of the charging stand and allow them to charge. 

I found the process of setting the charging stand up quick easy and I love how mophie makes it possible to start using the product without a lot of hassle. Within about 5 minutes of opening the box, I had the stand set-up, plugged in, and charging my iPhone. For me, I incorporated this charging stand into my workspace, which is nearly cable-free. As I mentioned, I’m fanatical about cable management. With that in mind, I really appreciated the single power cable that is thin and is fairly hidden as it comes straight off the back of the charging stand. I do wish that mophie would switch to a smaller power adapter brick because this one takes up a lot of space on a power strip, but as long as you know to plan for it, it’s acceptable. 

After using this dock for a couple of weeks, I’m happy to report that I’ve never noticed any heating issues with devices after they have been charging. This is something I always look for with chargers as I’ve had some that heat my devices up to extremely high levels. I’ve also never had a problem with it charging my devices. Every time I place my phone, headphones, or watch on the stand, they connect quickly and I’ve never had an issue with them not being charged when I pick them up. 

As far as testing goes, I completed a charge/timing test. With this type of test, I note the battery level of each device as I put them on the charger along with the time. Then every 10 minutes I check their charging progress. At the end of an allotted time period (usually 30 minutes), I note the final battery level and then divide that by the total amount of time the device was charging. This gives me the charging rate. The table below shows the battery starting level of each device, the total amount of time they were charging, and the charging rate for each device. 

Starting Battery LevelEnding Battery LevelTotal Time ChargingCharging Rate
iPhone 11 Pro Max86%96%32 minutes0.3125% per minute
Apple Watch Series 623%53%32 minutes0.9375% per minute
AirPods Pro (earbuds/case)9%
32 minutes1.5% per minute
0.4063% per minute


The 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand is a great charging accessory for Apple users. It makes it very easy to charge multiple devices at one time without any problems. In testing the charging rates of the Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods Pro, I did find the charging rate of the iPhone to be a bit disappointing, but since I was charging all three devices at once, it’s logical that the the iPhone wouldn’t get the maximum amount of power (7.5W). I did feel that the charging stand did a good job of powering the Apple devices I connected and I’m looking forward to using it for some time to come.

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