Montar Universal Car Mount Review:

A universal car mount with an exceptionally strong grip.

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The Winnergear Montar universal car mount is a wonderful accessory for your vehicle. I’m sure most people, myself included, have owned numerous toys and devices that offer the promise of functional suction cups, but they tend to fail at the worst moment. Either your phone falls off your dashboard on a curve or your shaving mirror crashes to your shower floor. The Montar delivers actual performance because of the very functional and reusable gel that comprises its cup.

I tested the Montar several days on my morning commute to work. It held in place even though my truck’s dash has a slight texture to it. I was able to “install” it with one hand pushing it down on the dash and with the flick of a finger lock it into place. It’s been through high humidity in the rain we’ve been having in southern Indiana and then coupled changing spring weather including hot days that we are famous for.  Each day I walked out of work, I looked forward to getting in the truck and seeing if the mount was loose. It never was, and it always held my phone securely on the way home.

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I did try it attached to the window glass and I can imagine it would work just as well there, but in my vehicle I couldn’t find a place I felt comfortable leaving it in the window as my vision was obstructed.

The gel does tend to pick up lint and dust pretty readily when you are carrying the mount around with you. A tiny carrying bag might have been a nice addition to this package, but luckily the gel cleans up very easily with a damp cloth.

Also included is a permanently mountable grey disc that can be mounted with the included peel-and-stick backing. I did not try this as I had no need to use it, but it has a nice smooth surface that I’m certain the mount would adhere to easily.

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All in all, the Winnergear Montar is a nice mount, and an actually functional and reliable suction cup mountable product. It is compatible with any device with a screen up to 6 inches in size. I highly recommend it. It’s available with an MSRP of $34.99.

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