Firecracker is a high-quality, rugged, easy-to-use speaker for all occasions.

No matter how many Bluetooth speakers I come across, there seems to be a plethora of reasons to have more than one. Even though I have a waterproof speaker, I still like to search for ones that might be a bit more versatile and portable than my giant UE Mega Boom. I happened to be turned onto the Firecracker HD Speaker from Monster Audio and I’ve really enjoyed using it.

Monster Firecracker HD Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The Firecracker comes in an impressive Monster-branded box. The box describes the contents well and features some it’s more special features. Once you get into the box you will find the speaker encased in plastic and a wrist strap, Micro USB charging cable, a carabiner clip, and paperwork. The speaker has a striking red finish to it well-suited to the Firecracker name. On one end of the speaker is a LED Photolite, which is meant for augmenting lighting for photos you are taking with your mobile phone. On the other end of the speaker is the control panel where you will find the multifunction button, volume up/down, and the Photolite on/off button.

Monster Firecracker HD Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

When you power the speaker on for the first time, it will enter pairing mode and you can easily connect to it through your mobile phone’s Bluetooth menu. The Firecracker is also NFC compatible so you can tap your device on the NFC sensor when it’s in pairing mode to connect to it. You will know that pairing is successful when the LED in the center of the Monster logo. Even though the speaker sort of has a rounded triangular shape and you can set it to any angle, there are two semi-adhesive feet on the side that does not have the Monster logo or the cable connection door.

The volume control is not separate from the mobile device it’s connected to — meaning that it will control your device’s volume rather than amplifying it further with its own volume. That said, I have been impressed with the quality of the sound and the volume I do get from it. I started out listening to some gentle crooner music from the 50s/60s and then switched to some 90s hip-hop. I usually turn to the hip-hop to get a good idea of how well a speaker handles bass. Surprisingly enough, the music was crisp, clear and had a great deep bass sound.

Monster Firecracker HD Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

Finally, I switched off to Netflix to test out how the speaker would handle a diverse soundtrack like the one from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. In my experience, sometimes external Bluetooth speakers muddy the sound quality from a movie and it makes it hard to hear different parts of it. Sometimes you can’t hear the voice track over the sound effects and so on. POTC has a very strong sound mix complete with vivacious music, rich sound effects, and a wide range of vocals in the voice track. That’s why I use it so much when I test out movie sounds on speakers and headphones. I’m very pleased to say that the Firecracker did a great job of playing the blended mix clearly and with lovely depth.

The Photolite is a directional beam. It is very much like a flashlight, but it presents a 5000-degree Kelvin color temperature, which is ideal for cool, vivid tones in photographs. In my opinion, it looks like it’s a bit strong for most photographs. It’s great for a flashlight, but unless you can widen the beam or bounce the light from another source, the Photolite will simply create a ‘hot spot’ in your photograph.You can see this issue from the example below.

Monster Firecracker HD Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The Firecracker is a high-quality speaker that is compact enough to travel with you anywhere. I love it’s rugged nature and easy to use functions — and the fact that it’s a vibrant red color doesn’t hurt. I feel as though its price point is in-line with other speakers this size and quality.

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