Monster ClarityHD earbuds provide superior sound.

I love listening to music. It helps me to clear my head and focus. Most of the time, I just use speakers, but when I really need to hone my writing skills, I put on a set of headphones and drift away to my happy place. Typically, I use on-the-ear headphones, but there are times that earbuds are more suitable. The only, earbuds I’ve ever really liked were the Apple Earpods. Recently, Monster released a set of lovely earphones, the ClarityHD earbuds, that are meant to provide superior sound quality and comfort.

Monster ClarityHD Wireless Earbuds Review 2

First Impressions
The ClarityHD earbuds were packaged like most headphones I’ve tested. There is a small black microfiber pouch meant for carrying the earbuds in, but in the box, it held the Micro USB charging cable and the different sized ear gels. There is a small black and white instruction booklet, which provides details in seven different languages, and the earbuds were tucked neatly into their plastic prison.

After removing the earbuds from the packaging, I noticed that the cable has a soft silicone feel. There is a hand control about halfway down the right side for charging, volume control, and a multifunction button. The cable is just long enough to wrap around the back of your neck, or dangle in front of you, and it has a small plastic separator.

Monster ClarityHD Wireless Earbuds Review 3

To start, I tried on the earbuds. As I mentioned, I’ve never been a huge fan of earbuds and that’s mostly because of how they rest inside your ear. I carefully placed the ClarityHD headphones in my ears with the smallest ear gels in place. They were a fairly tight fit and didn’t seem to sit inside my ears correctly. They just kept working their way out of the place they were supposed to be. Since this is an ongoing issue with me and earbuds, I think there is a possibility that my ear shape/size is just not conducive to a proper fit. If you enjoy earbud style headphones, these seemed to be a really nice design and weighted very well.

Monster ClarityHD Wireless Earbuds Review 4

Continuing on with the task at hand, I connected the headphones to my iPhone 6. Placing them into pairing mode was very easy. You simply press and hold the multifunction button for a few seconds. “ClarityHD Wireless” will appear in the Bluetooth menu and you can select it. The entire process only took a few seconds.

One note about the control. At first, I didn’t think it worked. There wasn’t a click when I depressed any of the options on the control and it made me think that maybe it was malfunctioning. But, as it turns out, it just takes very little pressure, barely a touch, to engage the controls.

Monster ClarityHD Wireless Earbuds Review 5

Typically when I test headphones out, I will use Pandora because there is a wide range of music available. I like to test out headphones with instrumental music and vocal tracks because it’s great for range. I must say that with the ClarityHD headphones the sound quality is amazing. These earbuds, unlike most others I’ve tried, have a great tone to them. There is a wonderful range of highs and lows with both vocal and instrumental music alike.

I mentioned that the earpieces kept sliding out of my ears. Well, I found that if I held them in to where they should be, I could hear exceptional detail in the tracks that were playing. As they slid out of place though, the sound became more and more hollow. Make sure you use the correct earbuds for the best fit and sound.

Monster ClarityHD Wireless Earbuds Review 6

While the ClarityHD isn’t really the best style of headphone for my ear type, I think that they are an exceptional, high quality product for people who like earbuds. They are premium headphone and they really set the standard for sports headsets.

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