Monster Blaster is a classic Boombox with a modern design.

As a child of the 80s, I remember the classic image of the street dancing with a large, oversized boombox as the source of music. People would carry them on their shoulders and the Boombox would be a rallying point for groups of people to gather around. They were bulky and heavy, but music brought people together and that was the most portable social way to share music. Today, we have numerous types of Bluetooth speakers and the speakers on our phones are actually sometimes strong enough to push out sound that’s loud enough for multiple people to hear. The classic Boombox has gone the way of the dodo, but Monster, a market leader in high-quality audio products, has developed a modern Boombox with a Bluetooth twist – the Monster Blaster Boombox.

Monster’s Blaster Boombox was announced as a new and upcoming product nearly a year ago at CES 2016, but it was officially launched just a few months ago during the summer. The product was launched with a series of pop-up events called Taking it to the Streets in cities across the country. The events incorporated panels discussing the Evolution of the Boombox and its Impact on Pop Culture plus break dancing competitions. Monster’s goal with the Blaster Boombox was to provide a powerful, well-rounded speaker that could easily be used at social gatherings. It’s a reimagining of the Boombox for today’s youth and mobile cultures.

Monster Blaster Boombox REVIEW A Reimagined Portable Bluetooth Boombox

The Boombox itself offers an high-wattage, bi-directional sound with full, deep bass featuring PowerBass, an integrated powered subwoofer for real bass response. You can connect to it via Bluetooth or Aux and the Blaster is water resistant so it can be used for any occassion in any type of weather. Monster included a sound experience called V-Sound within Blaster. V-Sound is a technology that creates reflective sound that will bounce off of walls to immerse the listener completely in their listening experience. Because the Boombox is meant to be used outdoors with larger audience, Monster developed Indoor and Outdoor Dual EQ Voicing Profiles, which optimizes the Blaster’s sound to any environment.

Monster really put some thought into developing this product. It is the modern essence of a classic Boombox. Now let’s take a closer look at it.

Battery Life
One of my greatest nemeses in life is the battery. I hate it when batteries die and you have to go out and buy more. I used to have a hand-held camera that required 2-AA batteries. It sucked battery life like there was no tomorrow and I was constantly buying multi-packs of batteries from the drug store. The same was true of the classic Boombox. They tended to take D batteries, which are almost unheard of now. The Blaster Boombox is rechargeable (thankfully) and contains a 12-hour Lithium battery. It does require the power adapter (included) for charging, but that’s a small price to pay for having high-quality portable music with you wherever you go. Now, I have to say that I haven’t had extended listening sessions while I was testing Blaster, but I have noticed that it lasts for several days on standby power and stands up to at least two hours of active playing time very well. Blaster also acts as a power bank for other devices. It has a single, standard USB port where you can plug your devices in. I found that it charged my phone well, but that it wasn’t as quick as some portable power banks in the market. Still, it’s a great option for keeping your phone or other device charged and ready to play.


Monster Blaster Boombox REVIEW A Reimagined Portable Bluetooth BoomboxSet-up
The Blaster Boombox is ready to rock right out of the box. It comes assembled and in one piece. Even though it’s primarily a Bluetooth speaker, you do have the option to connect to it using an auxiliary cable and you can even plug in a microphone to turn the speaker into a mini-PA system. If you have an NFC-compatible device, you can connect to Blaster using that method, too. I have an iPhone, so I had to connect wirelessly using the Bluetooth method.

Connecting took less than 10 seconds. It was a pretty standard process. First you put the speaker into pairing mode by press/holding the power button. What’s nice about this is that if the speaker is on, you can do the press/hold technique to pair any device and it won’t turn the speaker off. Once Blaster enters pairing mode, you simply look for the device in your Bluetooth menu. Once I tapped the SuperStar Monster Blaster in the device list, it paired within a matter of seconds. It’s a very easy process and as has been my experience with other Monster products, it’s a very secure wireless connection. It’s never disconnected spontaneously or stuttered during audio playback.

Monster Blaster Boombox REVIEW A Reimagined Portable Bluetooth Boombox

Sound Quality & Volume
I have been fortunate to have other speakers and headphones from Monster in the past and have always found that the sound quality exceeds my expectations. The same is true for Blaster. The sound is clear and crisp. I primarily used the Blaster indoors (on the indoor setting) and was very impressed by the amplification of the music being pushed out from my iPhone. One of the things I really liked was that you can control the volume on the speaker and your device autonomously of each other. For example, when I had the speaker close by and it was just me listening to it in my office, I had the volume on my phone set to 1 and the volume on the speaker set to 1. This was plenty loud for just me. As with most audio devices, I suggest that people turn up the volume on the device first and the speaker second. This will ensure maximum control of the audio.

I tend to have an eclectic taste in music and listen to a wide variety of music styles. I listened to 80s Top 40 tracks 90s alternative and hip hop, and current hits to test out how the Blaster handles the diversity of sound. It passed the test with flying colors. The bass was strong, but not overpowering and the music was rich and well-rounded. It was truly a marvelous listening experience.

Monster Blaster Boombox REVIEW A Reimagined Portable Bluetooth Boombox

I have pretty high expectations for Monster audio products. I’ve tested them out enough that I know they set high standards for their designs and strive to make products that meet the needs of consumers. The Blaster Boombox does a great job of exceeding those expectations. It’s a very sturdy (weighs 16 lbs.) product with a well-defined mission and superior sound quality. If you work with any large groups and need to invest in a sound system, Monster’s Blaster Boombox might be a great option for you.

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