MonoPOD Selfie Stick Model: Z07-1 Review

Makes taken self portraits easier than ever.

MonoPOD Selfie Stick Model: Z07-1 Review 3

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As I have written previously, I am historically not a big fan of selfies in general. I certainly never thought I would own a selfie stick (let alone two), but I had a somewhat unusual use case in that I wanted to take better pictures of me with my horses and so I continued my search for a selfie stick that was easy to use and got the job done. I had some bad luck ——Monopod Selfie Stick Review—— with my previous attempt at taking selfies with a stick, so I decided to try a different model that used an external bluetooth remote trigger instead of one built into the handle.

This time around, my experience was much better:

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The MonoPOD Selfie stick extends to around three feet and has a universal adapter that should accommodate just about any smart phone from small screens all the way up to the iPhone 6+ and larger Android devices. One thing that stands out is that the included remote eon this stick has separate buttons for iOS and Android devices, so there are no issues with paring and accidentally snapping a picture with both devices if you have it set up that way.

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Unlike my previous attempt, I found the remote trigger to work flawlessly as it always snapped a picture when I told it to. The slogan on the box is “Taking self-portraits and videos has never been easier!” After using this device, I would have to agree. If you would like to check out the silliness you can get into while using this device, please see the pictures of my and my animal friends.