Monkey Tail is the ultimate tablet companion.

Like most people, I use my iPad in a variety of ways. I take it to bed with me, use it while watching TV and even while in my car for GPS purposes. I’ve always had the problem of awkward positioning when using my iPad unless it’s stationary on a stand usually at my desk. But, tablets weren’t made for desk duty. They were made to travel everywhere you go. For that reason, there is Monkey Tail.


The Monkey Tail is a versatile, hands-free positioning system for your tablet. It was launched at the 2013 International CES by Octa, a creator of tablet and e-reader accessories. Monkey Tail started its life in a Kickstarter campaign. After gaining over 1,000 backers and $103,621, Monkey Tail hit the mainstream.

Monkey Tail refers to the bendable arm, which is wrapped in soft silicone and interchangeable with other Octa products. It is flexible and will wrap, curl and tuck around most surfaces for comfortable use of your tablet. The Monkey Tail attaches to your tablet via a Vacuum Dock. Together, the two pieces are referred to as the Monkey Kit. The Vacuum Dock uses the same technology construction workers use to lift heavy plate glass. Once affixed to your tablet back, the Vacuum Dock is guaranteed to hold for at least 24 hours.

MonkeyTail-3Monkey Tail is very simple to use. Once the tail is connected to the dock, place the Vacuum Dock on the back of your tablet. Then, pump the air out of the vacuum by depressing the button five or six times. Once you do this, the tablet will stay securely in place until you decide to undock it.

I have really enjoyed using the Monkey Tail since I received it. It’s made regular, every day activities much easier. For example, when I use my iPad in bed, I no longer have to position myself or the iPad awkwardly because the Monkey Tail provides me a way to place the iPad for comfortable use. The same is true for use in the car for navigation.

I can highly recommend the Monkey Tail to any iPad or tablet user. It’s a wonderful accessory to compliment your tablet’s many uses.

Looking to buy the Monkey Tail for you self? Look no farther, you can find it here. Monkey Tail


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