A capable multipurpose stand with a little room for improvement.

For quite some time I’ve struggled with the height of my laptop. My workstation consists of a MacBook Pro, docking station, a keyboard, a mouse, and a 32-inch monitor from Viotek. The keyboard and mouse are connected through my docking station as is the monitor. I also have a monitor stand that sits beneath the laptop/docking station to help raise the laptop’s screen to a good height for my eye line. Even though this set-up has been working for a while, I am always on the lookout for something else that can possibly work better. That search is what led me to the ProBase HD Multifunctional Stand from Monitormate.


The ProBase HD is a multifunctional stand (as its name would suggest) that has 7 special features. The stand is crafted out of aluminum and can provide a 4K HDMI video output signal. It can act as a charging station, storage drawer, laptop stand, and it connects through USB-C. Monitormate boasts that the ProBase is the first stand of its kind. It comes in both silver and space gray colors to compliment Apple computer colors. While the stand will supply power to your laptop, it requires the power adapter that was included with your laptop to charge your device. The stand is compatible with 2016/2017 MacBook Pro 13″ and 15″ models, 2015/2016/2017 Macbook 12”.

MONITORMATE ProBASE HD Monitor and Laptop Stand REVIEW


  • Dimension: 21″(L) × 9″(W) × 2.5″(H)
  • Keyboard storage dimension: 17.7″(L) × 8″(W) × 1.5(H)
  • Side drawer dimension: 18″(L) × 8″(W) × 1.5″(H)
  • Weight: 2.9lbs
  • Bearing: 33lbs
  • Material: Aluminum, Steel, Plastic(ABS)
  • Input: USB-C x 1 (USB signal in), USB-C PD x 1 (Power in)
  • Output: 4K HDMI x 1, USB3.0 x 3, USB-C DATA x 1


The ProBase Stand came in a nicely branded box with “Monitormate” clearly stamped on the side. I like it when products are clearly identified on the outside of the box. My thinking is that if a box doesn’t show the product accurately, how will someone shopping for that item be able to identify it? The color I chose was Space Gray to match my laptop. I will admit that Monitormate did an excellent job matching the Apple tones with their own. Style-wise, the ProBase HD looks very technological. It’s got nice rounded edges but since it’s made from aluminum, it has more of a ‘tech’ feel than a ‘warm office’ feel. This isn’t a con in my opinion, but I do feel that the design will speak to some people more than others.

MONITORMATE ProBASE HD Monitor and Laptop Stand REVIEW

The ProBase comes with a single USB-C cable. It’s labeled as ‘super high-speed USB Revision 3.1’ and acts as the primary connection to the laptop from the base. The cable I received is white and since the base is Space Gray with black accents, I would have preferred to see a black cable included. It connects beneath the base as does the HDMI cable for external display. I found this to be a bit awkward for cable management since I had to end up routing the cable almost at a 90º angle to my laptop. Something else I found odd was that I had to provide my own power supply to charge my laptop. What bothers me about this is I consider this stand to be a semi-permanent installation — like a docking station.

With that in mind, I like to keep my power supply and power cable with my laptop bag so I can charge it on the go. Since a power supply was not included with the stand, I was constantly removing and installing the laptop’s power adapter. It was an inconvenience that I think was unnecessary. The other docking station I have includes a power supply that can power my 13-inch MacBook Pro. It would be nice to see Monitormate include the option for something like this. I just feel that for $189 USD, the power supply should be included.

MONITORMATE ProBASE HD Monitor and Laptop Stand REVIEW

I like the easy access to the USB ports on the side of the stand, but would actually rather see them be located on the front of the dock. If the connection part of the stand ran front to back instead of side-to-side, I think it would be more functional for me.


While I like the stability of the ProBase HD stand, it’s not really for me. It’s a very well-designed piece of desk equipment, but it falls a little short of what I am looking for in a docking station/stand.

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