Simplify your finances by organizing with MoneyWiz for iOS.

MoneyWiz-4Last week we released a review of MoneyWiz for Mac. MoneyWiz is a financial tracking application for Mac. It allows you to track several accounts and view them in one single form. The application is nice for working with on your desktop computer, but what about your mobile devices? As I’m sure many people will agree, I don’t always carry my checkbook or any note taking options with me when I’m out and about spending money. But, I do have my iPhone or at some times, my iPad with me. That’s why MoneyWiz’s developer, SilverWiz created companion apps for MoneyWiz that run on iPhone and iPad.

Similar to the Mac version of the app, MoneyWiz for iOS includes:

  • Finance management in one app
  • Instant cash-flow forecast
  • Budget monitoring and alerts
  • Scheduled payment reminders
  • Pin protection


Probably the most important feature for a mobile companion app is its ability to sync between apps. MoneyWiz apps uses SYNCbits, a syncing technology exclusive to MoneyWiz. SYNCbits works offline as well as online and it updates all your devices automatically when you make a change on one of them. The best part about SYNCbits is that it’s free to use.

In testing out SYNCbits, I found that the set-up process is very easy. You simply sign-up and create a password and answer a few security questions. Then you sign into the SYNCbits account on each of your devices. I did this with my iPhone and iPad and found that the syncing process was incredibly quick and accurate. Within a few seconds of entering a transaction on my iPhone, it appeared on my iPad as well. The only disappointing thing about the syncing feature is that it’s not done through iCloud. SYNCbits works and works well. Be cautious of



In addition to the common features listed above, MoneyWiz includes multiple reporting options. The comprehensive reporting systems allows users to track their expenses, NetWorth, Payees, account balance, forecast and statistics on all their accounts. The interactive charts show users everything they need to know. Reports are available in either portrait or landscape mode. As with the Mac version, the iOS version of MoneyWiz generates reports quickly and efficiently. The reports read well on both the iPhone and the iPad.

MoneyWiz for iOS works well for both power and casual users. It’s easy to understand for beginners, but includes all the features an accomplished user wants to see. Plus, MoneyWiz for iOS is optimized for Retina displays, includes password protection and comes equipped with a built-in calculator and currency converter.

MoneyWiz for iOS is a wonderful set of companion apps to round out the MoneyWiz family of apps. They are easy to use and build onto what the Mac version offers. If you are looking for a good set of finance apps, give MoneyWiz a try.

For more information, visit or MoneyWiz for iOS requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It retails for $4.99 and must be purchased individually for iPhone and iPad.